How To Get English Subtitles On Univision?

how to get english subtitles on univision
how to get english subtitles on univision

Univision is the entertainment service provider that empowers American Hispanic communities with information and one of the best contents. It has millions of users presently, and its novellas production continuously takes efforts to brought up the best entertainment vistas for the customers. But recently, many Univision is continually claiming that they are unable to switch on English subtitles.

How To Get English Subtitles On Univision?

In this article, we’ll discuss how to get English subtitles on Univision? And what has prompted Univision not to show English subtitles? The detailed discussion in this forum will enrich you with the necessary information about the topic.

Does Univision Display English Closed Caption Available?

Of course, there are numerous programs available on Univision indicating English subtitle is available on CC3. However, when one selects the CC3 caption, it did not find an English subtitle. Instead of an English subtitle on Univision, a Spanish subtitle closed caption starts. To understand this phenomenon, one should actualize whether the program has enabled English subtitles or not.

If Univision’s program does not possess an English subtitle, then it is futile to switch subtitle captions from CC1 to CC6.

Do I Need To Get Any Other Subtitle In Place of English Subtitle On Univision?

If you know more than one language, you are at a clear advantage because if there is no English subtitle enabled on any Univision program, you can switch to other Spanish or Mexican subtitles. Generally, Univision offers its customers subtitle captions in a different language. If you cannot access English subtitles on Univision, you will have a choice to turn on other languages as the subtitle closed caption.

Is Univision Planning To Introduce English Subtitle For Its Programs?

According to official sources, Univision has planned to introduce English subtitles for its entertainment content. But nobody is certain when Univision will translate its pledge. However, it sure that they are moving ahead to bring English subtitles for their programs due to the customer’s popular demand.

Should I Contact Univision Customer Care Center?

If you are witnessing that English subtitles are not visualizing on your tv while other Univision users have English subtitles. Then, you may have some technical faults with your Univision box. You can contact Univision customer care center for technical help related to the service.

The Univision representative will inquire about the issue and will provide you a brief guideline. If the problem is still persisting, then they will send their technician who will make your problem evaporate.


Summing up, we have discussed the topic in detail and provided you all the necessary and relevant information regarding how to get an English subtitle on Univision? Your tv might display English closed caption is available, but it is not working, or the program on Univision you are watching does not have English subtitle enable. We have also shared Univision’s official take that they are heading to introduce English subtitles for their program.

In this article, all the vital information regarding your concern have been mentioned above. We will appreciate your feedback and response in the comment box. We’ll surely respond to you in a short interval of time.

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  1. They are showing spanish programs in spanish in an english speaking country. I used to watch the novelas in english captioning. Not any more though. Losing customers. Get with the program. Thanks.

  2. It’s ridiculous that Univision has taken away CC3 from their telenovelas. Don’t understand why they have done this and willing to loose English speaking customers, wanting to enjoy Spanish soap operas.

  3. Years ago you could get English subtitles, not anymore! Please bring back the English subtitles for not only novelas, but all programming. Your audience numbers would go through the roof, why wouldn’t you want that???

  4. Please bring back english subtitles. Or pull telenovelas off your channel. It’s frustrating seeing these shows sitting without English subtitle.

  5. My wife is Nicaraguan I’m from Denmark we both speak English, my wife likes shows on Universo and Telemundo would like to enjoy them with her but CC is in Spanish not English, guess you don’t mind loosing customers, and this is USA we use English, I would think it would help Spanish speaking people learn English, tv I how I learned English!!

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