Epic Games Download Slow: 4 Ways To Fix

epic games download slow
epic games download slow

Epic Games is not only one of the best developers and publishers for the game but there is a lot more to it. Epic Games have made the gaming world stir greatly with their recent releases and you get to enjoy the right edge of gaming with them. Epic Games is also offering some of the best advantages to facilitate your gaming experience including a database for you to download games and a hub to communicate with other gamers, share your experiences on the forum and whatnot.

All that allows you to have a go-to place over the internet to enjoy a soothing gaming journey. Epic Games also allow you to download all your favorite games through their portal and that is the best thing that can happen. You will be able to manage all the game downloads at a single place and have a soothing experience. However, if you are unable to make it work due to some issues like slow internet speed that you might be getting and the download might be working slower than intended. Here are a few things that you can do to solve the slow internet problem for you.

Epic Games Download Slow

1) Mind the Internet Speed

First thing that you will have to check on is the internet speed if you are getting slow downloads speed on the Epic Games Download. You will have to make it work by checking on the internet speed first. Make sure that you have only one device connected over the network and then run a speed check on it. That is going to help you out in figuring out the problem for good. You might be getting slow speed on the connection by your ISP and connecting your ISP should do to get that fixed. However, if that doesn’t work out for you and you are getting the right internet speed off the ISP but still downloads are working slow, you will have to take care of the problem and check on some other problems.

2) Check on devices connected

Another thing that can possibly cause you to have problems of this sort is too much devices that might be connected on your network. You will have to take care of that. Even if the device is not in use, it might be using the bandwidth for fetching the emails or anything like that.

You will need to check on all the devices that are connected on the network and make sure that you don’t have any excessive devices connected. That will help you in figuring out the problem and after that, you can disconnect those devices that might not be needed. After this, Epic games downloads will most likely be picking up the right speed that you expect them to be downloaded on.

3) Mind the Usage

You will also need to check on the internet usage on your router and the Wi-Fi network if you are using a Wi-Fi router. This will help you in taking care of the problem in the perfect manner. If there are some devices that might be streaming or downloading some data, that will be causing this fuss for you with the slow internet speed on the downloads that you are having on the Epic Games download manager. You will need to make sure that no such device or application is running in the background that might be using the bandwidth required to download the files on the Epic Games. Once you take care of the background usage, you will see the speed is increasing and the downloads will start working as you expect them to be.

4) Take it one by one

You will have to download the games one-by-one in order to get the right download speed for your games. It is wiser to plan the downloads ahead and follow that. Downloading more games at one time might feel like it can speed up the things for you, but it might actually be causing you to have this problem. It would be better if you download one game at a single time and that will be speeding up the process for you. This way, you will be able to make it work perfectly and the Epic Games downloads will not slow down.

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