Does Suddenlink Support IPv6? (Answered)

does suddenlink support ipv6
does suddenlink support ipv6

Suddenlink supports tons of cool features and they are offering new technologies such as DOCSIS and Packet Cable. However, these technologies are getting a bit under the desk with the innovation of more and more technologies. One such technology is IPv6 which is the talk of the table these days and everyone wants to know if it is supported by Suddenlink.

Does Suddenlink Support IPv6?

Suddenlink does not support IPv6 at the present. They are rumored to be planning for a switch in the near future, but there is no date announced for it. In case you are wondering what IPv6 is, and what are you missing out on if you are a Suddenlink subscriber, you must know all about the technology. This will also be helpful or you, if you are choosing an ISP for you and you, want to make a decision if your internet experience would be alright without IPv6.

What is IPv6?

IPv6 is the abbreviation for Internet Protocol Version 6. It is the most recent version of the internet protocol. We have been using IPv4 protocol for a long time, and the recent switch is almost mandatory for any ISPs. However, most budget ISPs are not ready to make the switch, for now, so you must now about a fair comparison between both.

The main difference

IPv4 is a 32Bit IP Address while IPv6 is a 128Bit IP address. Another significant difference is that IPv4 is only numeric while IPv6 is an alphanumeric addressing method. While the bits in IPv4 are separated by dots, IPv6 bits are separated by a colon. These are all just technical details that might be too much for you to understand as a consumer. So, if you are looking to find the difference between them as a consumer based on the terms that matter for you while choosing an internet service provider, here is a brief idea.


With IPv6 native on your internet connection by the service provider, it is considerably a lot faster than the IPv4 internet connection. All you need to have is the appropriate equipment such as IPv6 supported modem/router, cable, and the devices that support such IP addresses, and your internet experience will be enhanced significantly.


Security is the second concern for any consumer who is using the internet. The Internet is considered to be the most unsafe place if you don’t have the right protection as there are hackers out there always ready to pry on your information. That is why IPv6 being 128-bit IP addresses provides a lot more protection and makes it hard for hackers to be able to steal your data. If you are concerned about your sensitive data and want to keep it safe, IPv6 internet is a choice you must consider.

These are a few things that matter and you might be thinking to consider IPv6 if you need those. However, for most domestic users, it is fine to have the IPv4 internet as well without any hassle or problems.

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