Does RAM Wear Out? How Long Will The Best RAM Last For?

does ram wear out
does ram wear out

The laptops and computers are nothing without RAM because that’s the ultimate component that provides storage and memory to work. Usually, people buy laptops and computers with the highest RAM possible but does RAM wear out with time? You can read this article to find out!

Does RAM Wear Out?

If you are looking for a straightforward answer, it’s a yes because RAM is known to age. If you are an intensive observer, the RAM degradation will be easily noticed. For the most part, the degrading is observed by the servers but the majority of non-server users won’t even notice it. Also, people who don’t notice the degradation simply say that it doesn’t happen which is an absolute lie.

Truth be told, the aging mechanisms for RAM are extremely complex. In addition, it’s nearly impossible to measure the RAM’s degradation or make accurate predictions. So, if you are struggling with RAM failure, it’s best that you get a new RAM. In addition, people who use intensive software and apps on the laptop or computer must replace RAM, especially in the home server. That being said, if you are smart enough to detect the RAM failure, you can get the RAM replaced.

What Cause RAM’s Ageing?

When it comes down to RAM, it does wear out but there are specific factors that can impact the lifespan of the RAM. To begin with, RAM’s wear can be impacted by temperature, a number of erasing cycles, defects in RAM, and process sized used for making RAM (yes, the nm scale).

The Physical Lifespan

If you want information about the physical lifespan of RAM, they are designed to last a long time because there are no sensitive components that can be damaged. Moreover, the computers and laptops are designed with processors and GPUs and they tend to wear out way before RAM. Not to forget, if you run the full PSU capacity, even it can wear out before RAM.

To illustrate, RAM is likely to last more than ten years before it crumbles down. According to the majority of users, their RAMs work for over fifteen years (yes, the laptops crash but they reuse the same RAM). In addition, if you want to expand the lifespan of RAM, it’s best to clean the PC and remove the dust particles after every few months. Also, it can increase RAM’s lifespan as well as other components.

The Performance Lifespan

The high-performance RAMs are low likely to release as compared to other components. In addition, the performance depends on the speed and CAS latency (the latency has to be low). For this reason, if you are concerned about RAM’s performance lifespan, you need to get the compatible RAM. As for the lifespan, the performance will be optimal for eight to twelve years.

In case you are using 75% to 90% of the memory while playing the games, it can impact the longevity and performance of the RAM. This is because overloading can result in the game crashing and some software won’t even work. That being said, you have to upgrade the RAM by increasing memory to the computer through DIMM slots.

For this purpose, you must check the motherboard’s specifications (physical or online) to see the number of RAM slots. That being said, the performance of RAM does wear out.

How Long Will The Best RAM Last For?

In case you are building your own PC and choose the best RAM available, it is highly likely to last for ten years at a minimum, specifically about performance. The RAM speed tends to degrade but the speed lag will be minimal, so there are high chances that you won’t even notice it. The considerable point is that people start needing more memory after six to seven years because the parts can phase out.

In case you want to upgrade the RAM, make sure that you get the RAM stick with the same CAS latency and RAM speed. For the most part, if you don’t want to upgrade RAM in the near future, simply opt for 32GB RAM and you can also choose the 32GB Dual RAM as it has two 16GB modules. However, the latter one will take two DIMM slots on the motherboard.

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