DISH Protection Plan – Worth It?

dish protection plan worth it
dish protection plan worth it

DISH is a well-known choice among people who want constant access to their desired channels and entertaining content. To meet the needs of the clients, DISH has designed multiple plans to make sure there is something for everyone and the DISH Protection Plan is one of these plans. Honestly, this plan has gained extreme popularity in the past few months. Many people are wondering if the DISH Protection Plan is worth it or not. With this article, we are sharing our take on this plan to see if it’s worth the investment!

DISH Protection Plan Worth It?

DISH Protection Plan is designed to offer free shipping and delivery of equipment replacement and it’s an apt choice for people who want to reduce the charges related to in-house visits after DISH installation. To be precise, it reduces the charges from $95 to $10, which is a great save. This plan works free for six months if you have subscribed to the DISH packages. When you purchase DISH packaging, this plan will be automatically added to the order.

Once you use the plan for six months, you will need to pay $8 a month, which is pretty cost-effective. The best thing is that the users can cancel this plan whenever they want (you can call 1-800-300-DISH to unsubscribe from this package).

What Is Included In the DISH Protection Plan?

DISH Protect is a protection policy devised by the company which allows the users to enjoy better product and service coverage. It doesn’t matter if you have bought these services and products or have rented them, it applies to everyone if they are enabled and connected to the DISH network profile. This plan provides the users with all the essential resources and supplies needed to restore the losses caused by network outages – it also covers the damage done to the optic fiber receivers and TV connected to the DISH network.

On top of everything, the DISH Protection Plan offers the users to get their remote controls, wireless receivers, transceivers, and dish antennas assessed and checked by the company. The best thing about this plan is that you don’t need to pay any technical consultation charges, promising better assistance. However, if you need to get something installed or checked by DISH’s technical team, it is suggested to claim it during the day and you will get extra servicing. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this plan offers the best value.

When it comes down to the features, it includes the following;

  1. The users can enjoy a 10% discount on all equipment and services offered by DISH, including soundbars, TV connections, and mesh Wi-Fi
  2. With identity recovery and protection, the subscribers will get immediate alerts when the data is threatened. In addition, the users will get free access to the vault for securing their personal information
  3. The users can schedule the first possible slot to get their technical issues sorted by the experienced technicians
  4. When you subscribe to this plan, you’ll be able to get your hands on Joey without any upfront costs
  5. All the devices in the home will be protected, including the gaming systems, PCs, laptops, and TVs, without any receipt

Also, there are different categories in the plan, including;

DISH Protect Gold

This is one of the best plans when it comes down to the perks and securing the TV experience. There are no costs for professional visits in case of any malfunction. It offers free shipping for accessory and authorization orders. In addition, it provides all-time live support for identity restoration and it also covers breached data, identity theft, and fraud.

DISH Protect Platinum

This is the most expensive plan, priced at $24.99. When it comes down to the perks, it offers discounted technician visits and free shipping, just like the gold plan. Moreover, it covers data theft, fraud, stolen or lost wallets, and identity theft. The best thing about this plan is that the users will get the tech advisor as well as home device protection.

To summarize, this is one of the best protection plans offered by the network-providing companies, which is why it has gained everyone’s attention. So, if you want to subscribe to this plan, call DISH for more details regarding the sign-up!

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  1. Spent 1 1/2 hours on the phone today trying to file a claim with Dish Protect and Asurion.
    The Dish Network tech was present during the complete comedy of errors. Every time we made a call, we were transferred to another “expert”.

    What a joke! Finally contacted someone who said a claim had been filed, however they had no idea who to contact for in home repair or replacement of our smart tv.
    Any ideas?

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