DECA vs MoCa: Whats The difference?

deca vs moca
deca vs moca

DECA and MoCA are collectively internet adaptors that are used to connect DirecTV box to your ISP connection in a much efficient and reliable way. MoCA is an acronym for “Multimedia over Coax”. This technology delivers a similar high-speed network connection that Ethernet cable network delivers which makes them quite equivalent to each other. Although, the only difference is MoCA delivers the internet through your existing coaxial cable and other cable TV) to your room. On the contrary, DECA is an internet adaptor that attaches your DirecTV box to the internet.

Both of these technologies; DECA and MoCA, are responsible to extend your existing internet connection to a greater extent and many extensive devices. Both usually function in a somehow similar way, however, there are still many differences that make these two different from each other. In this article, we will provide you some comparing points between DECA and MoCA that will solve your number of confusion. Stay with us.

MoCA And DECA—DirectTV:

The purpose of both the MoCA and DECA is to enable more features on your existing coaxial Ethernet connections. DECA stands for DIRECTV Ethernet Coaxial Adapter which attaches your DirecTV box to the Internet connection that gives access to many network features, you can use them anytime.

You can connect DECA to DVR boxes using the DECA-induced internet connection. Moreover, you are allowed to access extra Video On Demand (VoD) programming via the Internet connection. Multi-room viewing is a great featuring technique used in many of the offices and workplaces, it is enabled by DECA adaptors.

Furthermore, DirecTV announced that MoCA will be competent with its coaxial network connection although not above the frequency band of lesser than 800 MHz, which they are using for cable connection.

Therefore, the bridge connection for DirecTV MoCA will likely to work with DirecTV installations, until and unless there is an entirely isolated coaxial cable network for your ISP.

Now that you have a fair share of understanding about how MoCA and DECA work with the DirecTV installation, let us know more about its working and other capabilities that make them different from each other. Keep on reading.

Difference Between DECA And MoCA:

Even after understanding the definition and working of both these network extending technologies, people remain quite confused over MoCA and DECA which is why pointing out differences between both of them, is worth-assessing.

Directv Uses DECA, Not MOCA. What Is Correct, what Is Not?

Many people say that DirecTV uses only DECA and not MoCA while explaining how DirecTV was never competent enough with MoCA. Well, this is not entirely true nor false. We’ll tell you HOW.

Standard For Networking:

MoCA is a standard used for “networking over coax cables” in-home or any generalized area which is set up by the Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance. Such standards usually take their names from their allocated groups.

On the contrary, MoCA is generally a standard while DECA is not a standard but a DirecTV Ethernet-to-Coaxial Adapter—a piece of hardware.

Hardware Part:

DirecTV uses MoCA as a standard while DECA is the network adapter required to connect the DirecTV receiver’s RJ-Cat5 Ethernet port into the MoCA coax network.

DirecTV Uses MoCA cables and DECA Adaptor:

DirecTV has made the announcement long ago that it can be compatible with MoCA as well. However, the developers for MoCA have made a few things clear. Here they are.

MoCA has specifically 2 frequency bandwidths at which the network can be operated:

  • High-RF MoCA for Cable MSOs.
  • Verizon FiOS from 850-1500 MHz, and finally.
  • Mid-RF MoCA for DirecTV from 500-850 MHz.

Most of the tech-savvy readers must have known the cable TV broadcasts that are lesser than 850 MHz on the coaxial and satellite TV broadcasts above 950 MHz need installation of MoCA to have less interference with generated signals on the line and 2 isolated RF bands.

This is the reason these two MoCA versions are deployed to enable the Multi-Room DVR feature available from DirecTV as well as other TV providers. On the contrary, DECA supports DirecTV without any necessary exceptions and conditions.

In the end, we could say that DECA is a much cheaper alternative for MoCA, especially for its readable availability and cost-effectivity.

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