5 Best Malaysia VPNs For P2P Review 2022

best malaysia vpn for p2p
best malaysia vpn for p2p

With the increasing dependency of people over using internet services in almost every prospect of life, a restriction of any kind feels like a harsh betrayal to the people who pay for full internet connection yet only get to use a part of it due to various sites and content limitations. Many countries face a ban from several web and app owners because of which the residents of that area suffer to have the promised internet viewership.

On the bright side, a VPN app frees you of all chains of censorship and lets you play different video games and stream all kinds of music and movies from your favorite sites without facing any restrictions. We have shortlisted 5 best Malaysia VPN for P2P torrenting to help you in this regard.

5 Best Malaysia VPN for P2P Review:

1. ExpressVPN

expressvpn best malaysia vpn for p2p

ExpressVPN leads the field with its wonderful features providing all necessary services to the majority of the world. It provides efficient coverage along with a super-fast connection to its users with the help of its network based on more than 3,000 servers distributed among 94 different countries across the globe including Malaysia.

ExpressVPN comes on top of the list of best Malaysia VPN for P2P torrenting due to its impressive coverage and top-notch VPN services. It offers you a monthly as well as an annual subscription plan which comes with 3-months of free VPN services.

ExpressVPN offers you to enjoy P2P torrenting irrespective of your location.  With its speedy connection, great coverage, kill switch, data encryption, server selection, no-log privacy policies, 24/7 active customer care services, and branded VPN name, it has everything that you may want in your VPN software.

You get to enjoy P2P torrenting using a secure connection with countless bandwidth on its many servers. The split tunneling feature makes P2P torrenting, streaming, and gaming easy. You can trust this app with your confidentiality.

2. NordVPN

nordvpn best malaysia vpn for p2p

NordVPN is also one of the best Malaysia VPN for P2P torrenting as reviewed by many people. It is much popular in local discussions and works well with every sort of VPN purpose, whether it’s a matter of proxy or privacy. With its excellent features and amazing performance, NordVPN succeeds over many other VPN tools.

NordVPN offers you a fully secure connection with lightning-fast connection speed supported by a huge network based on 5,200 servers. It is known for providing coverage in many countries including Malaysia. Its services include everything you can think of that a VPN tool should do.

NordVPN has a strict no-logging privacy policy which means the company doesn’t log your data and it offers a double encryption feature. This assures you to be tension-free about your online privacy. Double encryption features along with its other security features attract many user’s attention.

You can also enjoy P2P torrenting with NordVPN even if your country doesn’t allow you to do so. NordVPN helps you to change your IP address in a way that it hides your actual IP and prevents the servers from tracking your location. You can choose the IP of your desired country to visit geo-blocked sites. Then you’re allowed to browse and stream your favorite content as if you’re not banned from anything.

3. CyberGhost VPN

cyberghostvpn best malaysia vpn for p2p

CyberGhost is the fastest and easiest VPN tool that is mostly recommended to all the beginners who are new to using VPN services. It manages all the required settings for you and doesn’t let you get stressed over simpler things like confirmation or server selection. It selects the best available server option for you to establish the safest and secure connection.

CyberGhost is a cheap and easy solution to all your torrenting problems which is why it manages to rank third as the best Malaysia VPN for P2P torrenting. With its large network of servers, you are sure to get access to your favorite torrenting sites at all times. P2P torrenting is very easy with CyberGhost. You can just download the app and let it do all the work for you.

4. Private Internet Access

privateinternetaccess best malaysia vpn for p2p


Private Internet Access has the capacity to provide to best VPN services at a very low-cost subscription plan. The company’s amazing server coverage is widespread throughout the world in many different countries including Malaysia. It supports various VPN features such as P2P torrenting and media streaming of geo-blocked content.

Port forwarding is also a great feature that comes with Private Internet Access. It is very useful in optimizing the performance of your P2P torrent. Besides that, it also comes with other significant services and VPN features that include a no-log privacy policy, cryptocurrency supported payments, data encryption, split tunneling of sensitive data as well as proxy services.

5. SurfShark VPN

surfshark best malaysia vpn for p2p

Surfshark is a great tool to enjoy P2P torrenting in your country using the internet. It provides coverage to many countries including Malaysia, UK, Singapore, etc. SurfShark has got your back when it comes to unblocking different internet content that has been restricted in your respective country by some higher authorities. This may be due to any reason but with SurfShark you can bypass all such geo-blocks easily.

It runs a network containing a thousand SurfShark servers that are stationed in 60+ various countries of the world including Malaysia. You get full coverage with high connection speeds with SurfShark. The app can be installed on your device from the internet and doesn’t cost you any more than what your budget is. Since it’s pretty affordable and has great potential to work with all types of devices, you’ll be going to find it very useful.

SurfShark provides you easy access to all the internet content restricted geologically in your country by masking your IP address. This way, you get to stream all your favorite movies using the P2P torrenting support.

Choosing The Best Malaysia VPN For P2P

Out of the above mentioned Best Malaysia VPN for P2P torrenting, you get to have all the important features and VPN services so we hope you’ll find these options useful according to your needs. Feel free to visit their websites for more details.

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