5 Best Malaysia VPNs For Smart TV Review 2022

best malaysia vpn for smart tv
best malaysia vpn for smart tv

Buying a smart TV means having the ability to stream your favorite content from the comfort of your bed or couch, but there are always streaming services that have restrictions based on region and location that are a hassle to overcome. This is where a VPN comes in play allowing you to bypass any geographic restrictions meaning you can have entire libraries from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more.

Not only just that, but A VPN can also help you keep your browsing and streaming sessions private from snooping ISPs. However, not all VPNs work well with streaming sites, and setting them up on your smart TV set can be a little tricky so the following list is some of the best VPNs for your Smart TV and how to set them up so you can enjoy safe and secure streaming.

Choosing a suitable VPN for your smart TV depends on a variety of factors like Android TV or Amazon Fire TV support, route reconfigurability, security protocols, server coverage, and customer support, amongst many others. The following are the top 5 best VPNs based on all the aforementioned factors.

5 Best Malaysia VPN for Smart TV Review:

1) ExpressVPN

expressvpn best malaysia vpn for smart tv

Ranking as one of the top VPNs due to its advanced features and router compatibility, ExpressVPN has great support for its apps for both Android TV and Amazon Fire TV, and the provider even has guides for reconfiguring your router if you don’t have a TV with a compatible operating system.

The VPN has a comprehensive network of 3000+ servers in 94 countries and, along with its SmartDNS service, provides reliable and safe access to geo-blocked content around the world like major streaming sites like Netflix or Hulu.

ExpressVPN offers incredible speed for your streaming needs, handling HD and 4k videos easily making for a smooth and buffer-free experience. It also has no data caps, along with a kill switch and DNS and IPv6 leak protection. And regarding privacy, the provider keeps no logs on its servers and accept Bitcoin as payment for added anonymity.

Installing the app or setting it up on your router is made easy with 24/7 customer support so rest easy and, although the pricing plans are relatively expensive than most, ExpressVPN is highly recommended for any smart TV user.

2) NordVPN

nordvpn best malaysia vpn for smart tv

NordVPN offers impeccable VPN protection at a great annual plan that is best suited to users looking to find security at a budget. Offering a native Android TV that also works on Amazon Fire TV systems, the VPN has no Smart DNS services but provides a massive roster of servers (5000+ in over 50 countries around the world) that enables safe and stable access to major streaming sites.

NordVPN has no data limits on its bandwidth and, although slower than the other VPN providers on the list, can easily handle HD quality content without any lag along with file sharing, online gaming, or anything else online.

Apart from that, NordVPN also provides military-grade encryption to ensure all your internet traffic is secure with an automatic kill switch and built-in DNS leak protection that guarantees the user’s security further. With great privacy options like no-logging and options to pay through cryptocurrencies to remain anonymous, NordVPN is a fine choice with great and affordable pricing plans.

3) SurfShark

surfshark best malaysia vpn for smart tv

SurfShark doesn’t have an Android TV app but it does offer Amazon Fire TV compatibility and the option to set up your router or enhance your viewing or streaming sessions with Smart DNS service. This helps users on TV sets other than Amazon Fire access geo-locked content with the catch that the connection is no longer encrypted.

The provider also has a reputation in the market for being the only VPN that has no limits on concurrent connections, meaning you can connect all your devices and even more on just one account.

The provider also offers apps for other major platforms like Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and even Linux, with extensive router support and a server network of around 1000+ in about 60 countries offering good connections and access to geo-locked services with high-definition streaming and no data limitations to worry about. With extremely secure protocols in place and privacy-centered policies, SurfShark is a fast and cheap choice for a great VPN.

4) CyberGhost

cyberghostvpn best malaysia vpn for smart tv

With easy-to-use native apps for both major Smart TV platforms, CyberGhost offers users with virtually no knowledge of VPNs a simple method of enhancing their streaming experience, along with great home router support and a SmartDNS service to access blocked content but without the encryption part. The provider also offers apps for all major platforms, along with browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox, and allows up to 7 devices to be connected at the same time on one login.

CyberGhost has one the largest server network in the industry, with over 6500+ servers in around 90 countries, with a majority of those servers optimized for streaming content at great quality without any data caps.

With enhanced security features, ad and tracker blocking services and around-the-clock support, CyberGhost has all the makings of the perfect VPN for your smart TV needs.

5) VyprVPN

vyprvpn best malaysia vpn for smart tv

VyprVPN offers top-grade security and protection for your online browsing sessions, enhancing your streaming experience incredibly. It offers apps for both Amazon Fire TV and Android TV, working well with mostly all major sets and even has apps for all other platform devices like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS with up to 5 connections at the same time.

With around 700+ proprietary servers on its network around 65 countries worldwide, the provider has an edge with owning those servers themselves and further protecting the user’s privacy and keeping any information out of unwanted hands and eyes.

VyprVPN offers moderate speeds, easily handling streaming or file sharing online with stable connections protected by top-notch encryption. It even has a proprietary encryption protocol named “Chameleon” that hides the fact that you’re using a VPN, to begin with. Add to this the always-on support chat and the searchable support library, VyprVPN is a safe and secure option for almost anyone.

Choosing The Best Malaysia VPN For Smart TV

By using a VPN, you can easily enhance your viewing sessions on your smart TV while keeping your browsing and internet activities private and anonymous, while being able to access to content you would normally not have access to.

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