3 Ways to Troubleshoot Battlefield V VoIP Not Working

battlefield v voip not working
battlefield v voip not working

Are you also addicted to video games? Given the absolute absorbing gameplay, a number of new and old video games are worth being played by every single video game fan out there. This also includes the famous Battlefield game series. But regarding the new series of the game called Battlefield V, a number of players have complained about their Battlefield V VoIP not working properly as it should. Therefore, in this article, we are going to state some reasons and ways to solve the issue and boost your gaming experience.

All About Battlefield V

Battlefield V is a recent addition to the Battlefield Gaming Series. It is basically a first-person action shooting video game that is developed by the popular EA DICE group and it is published by none other than the Electronic Arts.

Battlefield V is actually the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield Gaming series. It was made available for the users of Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, worldwide on 20 November 2018. For those of the great curious fans who couldn’t bear waiting and pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition of the game got their early access to Battlefield V a little before everyone else that is on November 15, 2018. The movie further, the subscribers of Origin Access Premium who were willing to pay large sums to get their hands on the game as soon as possible, got access to the game lot before anyone else on November 9, 2018.

This actually shows that the audience was crazy about the game and willing to sacrifice anything just to get the game before anyone else can. The game of Battlefield V is actually based on the scenario of World War II and consists of a thematic continuation of the earlier Battlefield 1 gameplay which was based on World War I.

Battlefield V VoIP Game Modes

Battlefield V features several different new multiplayer game modes that include a “Firestorm” mode, a “continuous” campaign mode, and a “Grand Operations” mode. The Grand Operations mode is nothing but a mere expansion of those “Operations” which were initially introduced in Battlefield 1 gameplay. It was focused on different types of duel matches that take place across a multiple stage system. All this was just to simulate a new campaign from the war situation.

Battlefield V also has a unique co-operative game mode which was not seen since the last release of Battlefield 3. It is called the “Combined Arms”. As the name identifies that the model comprises of gameplay where up to four players can fight to complete the given missions together.

All these above described Battlefield V game modes are fully voice chat supportive. They allow you to communicate with your selected team and squad members using your headset or headphones at any time within the game. It is an optional choice to enable the voice chat but it becomes a very important aspect while playing the Firestorm mode. However, it is also possible to turn off voice communication if you don’t like to be disturbed.

Troubleshooting Battlefield V VoIP Not Working

The voice over internet protocol used in the Battlefield V game tends to cause troubles while communicating with the other players in the game. The majority of players have reported different types of VoIP issues. Here are some of the things you can do if you’re also having problems with your Battlefield V VoIP not working properly.

1. Check Origin Settings

The thing you can do is check your Origin Settings of the game. Make sure that the Origin settings are set to your desired game settings. This helps to set the VoIP settings according to your demands.

2. Check Device Audio Settings

Another thing you can do is check your device’s audio settings. You can do that by going into the Windows Audio settings and check if anything looks out of place. There, you should make sure to disable all the other speakers and mics that are connected but not in use as you will only need your headphones.

3. Update Audio Drivers

Also, make sure that your audio drivers are not outdated. This is also an important part that influences your gaming experience. If your Battlefield V VoIP not working accurately, you should consider running an update check of the drivers that are currently installed on your device. Updated drivers will have bug fixes which might also fix your VoIP issue.

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