What Is Always Allow Wi-Fi Roam Scans?

always allow wifi roam scans
always allow wifi roam scans

Wi-Fi has become a necessity for everyone of us these days. With the introduction of smartphones, we are always looking for a Wi-Fi connection that has the right speed, bandwidth and data limits to cater the needs for all these extensive applications that we have on our phones.

Let it be gaming, communication for personal or business reasons, we are always looking for the best Wi-Fi network out there. To make it convenient, and smoother for you, Android is working on a feature under the developer options that is called “Always Allow Wi-Fi Roam Scans” and here is everything that you need to know about it.

What is Always Allow Wi-Fi Roam Scans?

The first question that would come up your mind is what is “Always allow Wi-Fi Roam Scans”? The answer to this question is pretty self-explanatory. Most of the times, Wi-Fi connections are connected stably and your phones or other devices will not switch the connection unless you manually do that.

There are certain things attached to it, and this doesn’t change the Wi-Fi connection automatically even if your Wi-Fi connection got no internet coverage or slower internet speeds and there are better Wi-Fi networks available. The feature got certain advantages and disadvantages to it as well, that you should know of.


First of all, let’s talk the pros and there are quite interesting advantages that you will be getting on this feature. If you are walking around and you have the “Always Allow Wi-Fi Roam Scan” available, the feature will automatically be connecting to all the open networks around you, and this way, you can have a seamless connectivity with the Wi-Fi. This is pretty great, as you will continue to receive all the messages that are being sent to your phone.

Another perk that you will be getting on this feature is that there are no issues with manually changing the Wi-Fi network if there are some issues on the network you are currently connected to. This way, you will not have to manually change to the network, and the system will automatically connect to the best network that is available at the moment.


Yet, there are certain cons attached to the features as well, that are being worked on and probably these cons are the main reason that this feature is not available for standard use at the moment. To start with that, your Wi-Fi will always be on and searching for the network that means higher battery consumption and that will considerably reduce the battery life for your phone.

Moving forward, it also hurts the connectivity greatly. If you are connected to a certain network and you are downloading or uploading some file, connecting to some other network will cause you to have the interruptions. That means, your device is constantly looking out for some better connection and that will hurt your seamless connectivity experience that you expect to have on your device. If you are ready to deal with these, you can enable the feature from developer options in the android settings.

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