Broadband Over Power Lines

BPL stands for Broadband over Power Lines and represents a new way to achieve a high speed broadband connection using electric power lines instead of the conventional cable connection.  Regardless if you need high speed Internet connectivity for your home … Continue reading

Recently during January of 2012 at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the HomePlug Powerline Alliance unveiled an upgrade for the HomePlug AV which has been used in Powerline AV500 products for powerline networking in the home environment.  … Continue reading

Powerline networking represents the next generation technology which allows you to connect PCs and other electronic devices in your home without having to implement any additional wiring to accomplish the job.  With the inception of new technologies for PCs and … Continue reading

If you have never heard of broadband over power lines it is probably because it represents the next generation of high speed broadband Internet connectivity. Broadband over power lines is also known as BPL and is currently available in only … Continue reading