Can You Add An iPad On Verizon For $10 A Month

verizon add an ipad for $10 a month
verizon add an ipad for $10 a month

If you live in the USA, we are sure that you are using one of the best Internet available in the world. The Verizon internet services are so good that you can surf with easy anywhere anytime. But, there is a question roaming around that is it possible to add an iPad for $10 on Verizon for a month.

Can You Add An iPad On Verizon For $10 A Month?

iPad helps us continue for personal and business stuff when you do not have a laptop available, and having an iPad without Internet is like a fish without water. So, people tend to connect their iPad with better Internet. But, what on earth will you be doing when you are not at home, and your iPad is not added to the Verizon Plan?

You can add your iPad to Verizon by just paying an extra amount of $10 a month. However, you may ask what do you need to do to get this offer. You need to follow this article, and below we have mentioned some of the methods to add an iPad to Verizon plan for an extra of $10.

Activate Your iPad First

The first thing you are required to do before adding your iPad to your Verizon plan is activating your iPad by providing Verizon with the tablet’s identification number. The tablet’s identification number is usually on your tablet box.

If you do not have the identification number, then what you need to do is provide Verizon with the IMEI number printed on your tablet’s back near the battery section. Verizon will check if the tablet is compatible or not and if yes, then they will add it to your Verizon plan for just $10 a month. Or you can also visit the Verizon store for activation if the adding option is not working correctly online.

What If The iPad Is Not Compatible With Verizon

You need to make sure before you try to add the iPad to your Verizon plan because the iPad must be compatible with Verizon. Either it should be bought from Verizon, or it must have a MEID number that Verizon can identify. If this is not the case, then things may go south for you. Verizon Will does not add an iPad that is not compatible or has no MEID number.

So, make sure that the iPad that you are going to add has a valid MEID number on it. It will make it easy for you to add it to your Verizon plan. If not, then try calling Verizon customer care. They will assist you in the best way possible.


In the above-written article, we have provided you with enough details to add your iPad to the Verizon plan without having trouble. If you find it hard to perform or is not working correctly, let us know in the comment section.

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