SIOCADDRT Network Is Unreachable: 3 Ways To Fix

siocaddrt network is unreachable
siocaddrt network is unreachable

SIOCADDRT is not something unfamiliar for those who have a thing for Linux and they are using the Ubuntu interface. The SIOCADDRT is essentially an error message that would appear on the screen when there are some sorts of issues with the network. So, you need to be careful about that.

Generally, you will get the error message like “SIOCADDRT Network is Unavailable” and you will not be able to connect with the internet. For such cases, you need to fix it up to have internet access, and here is how you can do it.

SIOCADDRT Network Is Unreachable

1) Check on the Internet Connection

The first thing that you should do in such cases is to check if your internet connection is working fine. So, unplug the cable from the router or modem and then plug it into some device that might be able to connect with the internet directly through the cable. Another possible way to find out is trying to connect some other device over the same Wi-Fi connection and see if you are able to access the internet on it.

If you are unable to get the internet connection working, then you should be contacting your ISP and ask them if there are some sort of errors at their end, or they might be going through some outages. So, you will need to make it work with the ISP in such cases. They will also be able to fix the line for you if there are some issues. Although, if there is no such problem and the internet is working fine on the other devices, you will need to fix the issues on your Linux using Ubuntu.

2) Restart the Router

The first thing that you need to do is to restart the router once and that will make it work for you. Just restart the router from scratch and then connect it all over again with your Ubuntu.

Restarting the router should be pretty simple as all you will need to do is take out the power chord for a second or two and then you will have to plug it back in. This will ensure that your router is rebooted without any error on it, and that will be fixing up all the bugs and errors that you might be facing this error for.

3) Check Settings

Ubuntu is not that easy to use and the interface got multiple settings and options that might be confusing for you. All you need to do in such cases is make sure that you have optimized the network settings properly. There are simply tens and tens of options there, so get assistance from someone who knows about Linux networking, or simply makes sure that you get the right assistance online.

Make sure that all the optimization settings are in the right order, and that is how you will be able to make it work. Just be careful and double-check these settings as a slight difference can cause you to have the error.

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