3 Ways To Fix OpenVPN Connection Reset

openvpn connection reset
openvpn connection reset

OpenVPN is one of the most stable and secure VPNs out there and you will seldom have to face any sort of issues or problems if you are using it for any sort of applications, let it be personal or business. They have the best equipment for their servers and data centers that one can possibly have and all that makes it the perfect choice for anyone to get their hands on.

So, you can have peace of mind at all times that your connection is secure for any sorts of issues. However, if you are facing problems with the connection reset on OpenVPN, here is how you can have this fixed.

How To Fix OpenVPN Connection Reset?

1. Re-connect

One of the simplest things to do here would be to disconnect the server you are connected with and try connecting with it again. There are tons of possible bugs and errors on the internet and this will simply work as a refresh for your VPN.

Once you disable the VPN and then enable it again, it will help you to get the right and stable connection and the possible errors that might be causing you to have such problems over the connection will be gone for good.

2. Check your Internet Connection

Another possible reason for you to get this problem is that you might have some issues with your internet connection and it might not be as stable as you would want it to be. Whenever your internet connection encounters a problem and is not able to get the right coverage, your OpenVPN will also be disconnected for a while and you will see the prompt on your screen that OpenVPN has faced a connection reset and that is what you need to avoid.

So, you can try restarting your internet connection, and that will make it work for you. You can simply restart the router once, or disconnect with the internet connection and connect with it again. If it works for you, then it should be alright. If not, you might need to contact your ISP and have them solve the problem for you. Another thing that you can possibly try is getting your IP changed to a static IP and that will help you with getting a better and stable internet connection and you will not have to deal with the connection reset problem on the OpenVPN either.

3. Re-install the Application

There are also some chances that your OpenVPN might not have been installed properly, there might have been some error on it or you can be using an outdated version of the application. So, you will need to reinstall the software from scratch, and the best way to do it should be uninstalling the software, restarting your PC once and then install it again from the very scratch.

This will work flawlessly for you as not only all the errors will be cleared out, but you will also get the latest version of the VPN application on your device without any bugs.

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