6 Ways To Fix Netgear DoS Attack ACK Scan Error

netgear dos attack ack scan
netgear dos attack ack scan

If you’ve even the slightest information about networks and connections, you would know that DoS attacks have become pretty common. These attacks are intensely dangerous and can impact the network and users’ security and protection. Similarly, people using Netgear are bothered with Netgear DoS attack ACK scan, and they don’t know what the issue is. So, let’s see what this error is all about!

Netgear DoS Attack ACK Scan Error – What Is It?

First things first, the majority of these errors are basically Netgear trying to create false reports. With this being said, such errors are usually nothing. If you want to be sure if the error is legit, you need to conduct debugging to find out the real cause. So, let’s see what can be done to resolve the issue!

1. The Root Cause

In some cases, the error is usually because the root cause is different. For instance, we suggest that you conduct the malware scan and see if the Wi-Fi keeps working. That’s to say, because if Wi-Fi stops working, it’s highly likely that the DoS attack is on the internet service provider, Facebook, and Google. If that’s the case, you have nothing to worry about.


In addition to checking if the DoS attack is on Facebook or Google, you need to determine if the attack error is on one SSID or all of them. If the error occurs with one SSDI, we suggest that you pin it down by checking different devices at one time. This is because sometimes, the router might throw the IP or TCP packets that result in the issue.

3. CPU

When it comes down to the DoS attack error on the Netgear router, it might incur with the overloading of the CPU. In addition, the CPU might not be recognizing what is being sent out. For instance, if there is intense streaming and/or heavy d/I’ing, it might lead to the issue. If you are suspecting this to be the cause, we suggest that you call the internet service provider and they will fix the issue.

4. Router Reset

If you don’t want to dwell on the technical details, resetting the router is the ultimate choice. For resetting the router, you need to locate the reset button and use the paperclip for resetting the router. Once the router has been reset, we are pretty sure that the issue will be resolved.

5. IP Address

If nothing seems to work out for you and the DoS attack error is still there, we suggest that you call the internet service provider and have them look at the issue. In addition, you could ask them to provide a new IP address. In this case, they will change the WAN IP address, and the router will reboot. Once the router reboots, the error will be removed.

6. Reboot

When it comes down to the reboot of the Netgear router, it is suggested that you switch off the Netgear router as well as modem and RBR. This reboot is advised for the night. For instance, you need to switch off everything at night and switch them on in the morning.

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