4 Tips When Running Ethernet Cable Through Attic

how to run ethernet cable through attic
how to run ethernet cable through attic

Cable management is one of the most important factors for networking. If you don’t know how to manage and install your cables and wires, you will end up doing more damage than the advantage you can have and that is not a good thing. Even if you are able to run a network fine with poor cable management, troubleshooting or diagnosing can get really tricky when some issue arises. Hence, you need to ensure that you are following the proper steps to run cables through your attic.

Factors to Consider When Running Ethernet Cable Through Attic

It is recommended that you get a professional’s assistance on the matter if you are not confident enough, but if you still want to do it yourself, here are a few tips that you need to keep in mind.

1) Plan properly

To start the process, you need to create a plan for the whole cable map that you are looking to install. Make sure that you draw it on the paper first to ensure that you don’t end up getting stuck at some point. The better plan you make for your cables and give it your due consideration, the more efficient your network will be able to run.

2) Check the Surface

You need to pay due consideration to all the surfaces that your cables will get in touch with. Ensure that the surface is not too humid or gets too much heat from outside or your attic to ensure the longevity of your cables. Not only that, but you also need to ensure that the surface your cables are getting contacted with is an insulation material such as wood or concrete. You should never run your cables with contact to some metal that would not only cause interference in your connection but might end up frying your cables due to heat or short circuits.

3) Mind the bends

You also need to ensure that your cables are not getting any sharp bends or double bends so they will not be pressed against any surface or each other. This will ensure that the current is passing through them without any resistance and there are no chances of cables’ outer housing getting damaged in any case. You will need to keep your cables away from the pointy edges on your walls as they might cause additional resistance or wear and tear to your cables over time that can damage your cables and cause you to have issues later.

4) Leave your cables alone

You should never wire your ethernet cable with any other communication or electrical cable. This will ensure that your ethernet cable is not receiving any sort of interference, heat, or signals from any overlapping cables. There are chances of cables getting hot and burnt sometimes and that will cause your ethernet cable to stop working. That is why you should always wire your ethernet cables away from any other cables that might be running through your attic. The best thing to do would be to get an additional protection layer around your ethernet cable where you have to wire it closely to other cables.

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