How To Fix A Dead Graphics Card? Explained

how to fix a dead graphics card
how to fix a dead graphics card

Graphics cards are a sensitive piece of hardware and you need to be quite careful about them. They can die pretty quick if overheated, due to some moisture or anything like that and you will need to take good care of them on that part for sure.

However, at times the graphics card might not totally be dead and there can be some other reason on it that might be stopping it from working so you will need to make sure that you can fix it up. A few things that you will need to do are:

How To Fix A Dead Graphics Card: Is It possible?

First of all, you need to establish if the graphics card is actually dead, or there might be some other problem with it. There are hundreds of components on a graphics card, but a few of them are most important. So, it would be right if you try to check it on your own before throwing it out or selling it for scrap to ensure that you can have the last bet at making it work and not having a dent on your pocket.

How to Achieve this?

First of all, you will need to take off the GPU from your mother board and inspect for the dust and dirt on the connector. This would be the first thing out of any troubleshooting routine and you just have to make sure that there are no such problems on the connector that might be causing you to face the problem.

Once you get that sorted out, you will need to carefully take off the heat sink off your GPU by unscrewing if there are any screws on it and then check on the transistors. If there is a blown transistor or there might be a bulge on the transistor, you will need to get that one changed first and that will sort out all the problems that you might be having.

If all the transistors are fine and there are no such problems on the transistors, you will need to make sure that you are checking on the heat sink.

Now, you will need to use some rubbing alcohol on both the GPU and your heat sink to wipe off anything that might be there and remove all that thermal paste on the GPU as well.

Then, you will need to bake the graphics card carefully in the oven by putting it on four golf ball sized aluminum foil balls so it is not touching any part of the oven. You will need to pre-heat it at 190 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes and then just let the GPU rest in there for 10 minutes.

Once that is done, you will need to apply new thermal paste on the GPU and when it dries, you can replace the heatsink on the GPU and screw it up. After that, you can put in the graphics card back in your PC and that will be the perfect thing to help you out of all such tight corners that you might be facing.

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