How To Increase Google Drive Storage? Explained

google drive storage increase
google drive storage increase

Google Drive is the ultimate cloud storage app or platform for people who want remote access to documents. Google Drive is available to everyone who has a Google account and makes an amazing storage option.

However, some corporate users need more than the standard storage available in Google Drive which is why they ask for a Google Drive storage increase. In this article, we have more information about increasing the available storage!

How To Increase Google Drive Storage?

We have already mentioned that people who have Google accounts can gain access to cloud storage for free. That being said, the users can get 15GB on Google Drive which is pretty generous. However, if you exceed the storage limit, there is an option to buy a storage subscription. On the contrary, if you don’t want to buy the storage, follow some tips that we have mentioned below;


Doing the storage inventory is the first way of saving money on the storage subscription. For this purpose, you must review the available files on Google Drive and delete the ones that you don’t need. This is because we tend to store multiple outdated files that can be deleted.

In addition, you can open the quota for gaining access to the largest files that are available on the list. Secondly, you should also look for duplicate files and delete them.

Videos On YouTube

For people who are storing the videos on Google Drive, they can save tons of space only by uploading the videos to YouTube. Also, you don’t need to worry about the videos being public because you can mark them private. As a result, you can delete the videos from Google Drive and keep them on Google Drive.

File Formats

When it comes down to Google Drive, the users can upload the file in the original format and there is no need to convert the files. However, if you want to save on the storage, use the native formats of Google, such as sheets, docs, drawings, and slides because there is unlimited storage available for these native formats.

Google Photos

If you have to save storage on Google Drive, you should use Google Photos for saving the photos. With Google Photos, the users will have access to unlimited storage and the pictures can be organized automatically. The best thing is that Google Photos will store the images in 1080p quality.

Clear The Trash

The last thing to clear up space on Google Drive is clearing up the trash. This is because the trash can take up too much space, so just clear up the trash.

Buying The Subscription

This is for everyone who wants to increase the storage space with Google Drive by buying a subscription. There are different subscription plans available with different amounts of storage and charges. Also, there are high chances that you have to pay extra fees or local taxes while purchasing the storage subscription. Lastly, the storage subscription is available only in a few countries, so check the availability.

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