5 Best Malaysia VPNs For Mac Review 2022

Best Malaysia VPN For Mac
Best Malaysia VPN For Mac

This is a modern and fast era where we like to access things with a single click. After a great internet connection the next important point that is of concern, is the availability and access to all the sites that we wish to look at.

While many of the famous sites, one of which is Netflix, are available in Malaysia for streaming yet there are certainly other sites that are not accessible. But thanks to VPN, they can be accessed without the trouble.

Not only this, but VPN also protects your Malaysian internet services from hackers. Malaysian internet customers can effortlessly unblock the desired content and through VPN they can be anonymous for better protection. Five best Malaysia VPNs for Mac are:

5 Best Malaysia VPN For Mac Review:

1. ExpressVPN:

expressvpn best malaysia vpn for mac

ExpressVPN is considered the most famous VPN among all for high speed, great security and has worldwide server access to 94 countries including Malaysia as well. To keep your web browsing experience undercover in Malaysia, ExpressVPN works the best especially for making your banking experience safe. The protection is provided by transferring the data through an encrypted tunnel.

Two of the other features that make ExpressVPN reliable and safe are the Kill switch availability and DNS leak protection at all costs. No log policy is another vital point to check when selecting a VPN and luckily ExpressVPN has a strict no-log policy.

The server policy works by keeping your data in the RAM of your Mac, never in your hard drive, and erasing the information as soon as it is rebooted. ExpressVPN works best for the online streamers, Gamers as well as those who like to download a lot on their Mac. Speed tests work great and there are no data caps.

It works on the mobile phone and the Mac also which makes it perfect for those who like working on their PC/Mac more. The only Con regarding this VPN is that it is quite expensive but guarantees to provide what it claims. If you are a streamer and torrent user ExpressVPN can be the best VPN in Malaysia for you.

2. NordVPN:

nordvpn best malaysia vpn for mac

If you are looking for a decent VPN that works great at a low price, then NordVPN can be a great option for you. Its servers are located in 50 countries, one of which is Malaysia. Through NordVPN you can unblock the geo-restricted sites and protect your important data from hackers.

If we talk further about the security, it has a higher level of encryption due to DNS leak protection policy and the presence of Kill switch. You can block the unwanted ads and like ExpressVPN it also has a firm no-log policy. You can stream your favorite streaming sites such as Netflix on more than 6 devices all at once for low costs.

It is supported by Mac, as well as Androids, iOS, and Windows. It has great customer support for its users that makes it more trustworthy. It has a cryptocurrency payment choice that can be availed for a higher level of security.

It can easily handle the online browsing, streaming, gaming, and sharing data however the speed of NordVPN has some issues compared to others. With that being said, it cannot be considered a slow service, as it can handle the online browsing and gaming with ease yet totally depending on your connection speeds.

3. CyberGhost:

cyberghotvpn best malaysia vpn for mac

If you are new to the VPN scenario and are looking for a beginner-friendly VPN server in Malaysia, CyberGhost can be a great option for you. It has an easy app that can be easily used by customers.

Its server is located in Malaysia along with 85 other countries. Kill switch, DNS leak protection, and no logs policy makes it a reliable and strong encryption provider. It provides good speed for the streamers, gamers, and for those who like to share important data.

It is not complicated at all and with a single click you get the protection that you need, which can also make your banking experience in Malaysia as safe as it should be. The advanced user options are not available on CyberGhost. It has a great customer support service and it is supported for Mac as well as window users of Malaysia.

4. PrivateVPN:

purevpn best malaysia vpn for mac

It has limited servers located in 60 countries, fortunately, Malaysia is among the ones it is available in. The category, in which PrivateVPN is excellent, is the vital levels of protection provided by it through the options comprising of stealth VPN, DNS leak security policy, and Kill switch.

The unique feature of PrivateVPN is “stealth VPN” which works by under covering your VPN activities and making sure it appears as normal web browsing. Its App support is limited but it is supported by Mac and Windows.

You can connect more than 6 devices to it with no problem at all. The customer support is available and you can also email in case of its unavailability. All the favorite activities such as browsing and torrenting can be done with no trouble by Malaysian users.

5. SurfShark:

surfshark best malaysia vpn for mac

A recent addition due to remarkable ranking among VPNs in Malaysia is SurfShark. It is famous for its option called Multi-Hop which doubles the rate of anonymity thus works great for those that require additional protection for important data on their Mac.

Its App is supported by multiple platforms and one can have unrestricted connections all at once through it. Its monthly options are quite expensive for some users. Server availability is increasing with time all around the world.

Like other great VPNs, SurfShark also has kill switch options, no logs policy, and DNS leak prevention policy to keep the experience of its users safe and reliable.

Choosing The Best Malaysia VPN For Mac Review

All of the 5 best VPNs discussed above live up to what they claim for and are luckily available for Malaysian users.

All of them have a high level of encryption yet there are certain special characteristics of each one of them that are highlighted above, to help the users decide which one to choose accordingly.

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