3 Ways To Deal With Actiontec Powerline Network Adapter Not Working

actiontec powerline network adapter not working
actiontec powerline network adapter not working

Actiontec is a famous American brand that focuses on manufacturing networking-related products. There is a huge lineup of devices that people can select from which might confuse you at first. However, you can easily check the specifications for these by accessing the official page for Actiontec. Considering this, make sure that you visit their website once before purchasing a product.

One of the most popular devices from the brand is the Actiontec powerline network adapter. This lets the electrical wirings in your home carry your internet signals instead of using a separate cable. The device is amazing but there are also tons of issues that it can run into. An issue that people have been reporting is that the Actiontec powerline network adapter is not working. If you are getting the same issue, then going through this article should help you in getting rid of it.

Actiontec Powerline Network Adapter Not Working

1. Rebooting The Device

One of the most common reasons for this problem is that your device requires a reboot. There might be something wrong with its configurations that might be preventing it from working. The only thing that you have to do is remove the Actiontec powerline network adapter from your electrical outlet.

Now you can wait for a few minutes so that the cache files on your adapter can get cleared. Once done, install the device back in and it should now start working.

2. Checking Ethernet Cable

Another reason why your Actiontec powerline network adapter is not working can be that you have not installed the ethernet cables properly. First, you have to confirm that the configuration that you used was proper. The input wires being used should be from your modem or router.

On the other hand, the output ethernet cable should be installed directly inside your computer. Aside from this, the second thing that you need to check is if the cables are tightly installed. If they are loose then the connection will not establish.

You should usually be able to hear a clicking sound when the ethernet cable gets plugged in properly. If you did not hear this, then remove the wire and install it back in tightly.

3. Contact Actiontec Support Team

If you have tried the steps mentioned above but your Actiontec powerline network adapter is still not working, then something might be wrong with its hardware. Instead of trying to check the device on your own, it is better that you consult a professional.

Actiontec has a support team that can be contacted in cases like these. Just provide them with all the details about your problem and they should be able to find what is wrong with the adapter. You will then be provided with a process that can be used to fix the device.

If your adapter is faulty then the team will ask you to send it in for repairs or a free replacement. You can check the details for Actiontec’s warranty service to understand how the replacement process works and when it can be claimed.

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