July 2011

Updated:  August 24,  2014 Verizon offers a broadband Internet service that provides a high speed connection and fast download speeds. But when you take price into consideration, is it still worth what you pay for the service? Although Verizon is … Continue reading

There are an increasing number of mobile broadband providers that are offering 4G Internet which is the next generation of 3G Internet.  4G is known as the next generation of Internet connectivity since it offers faster speeds than most of … Continue reading

A LinkSys router is a device that is used to create an Internet connection for multiple devices that are connected to a network.  The network is typically a Local Area Network or LAN and can be located in your home … Continue reading

Updated: August 24, 2014 With many mobile devices being equipped with hotspot capability, many wonder whether or not a portable Wi-Fi router is useful. Although you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, there are still benefits to using … Continue reading

The conventional fax machine is becoming part of technology from the past and is considered to be antiquated due to advancements in Internet use and high speed broadband connections.  The original fax machines occupied a lot of space, required high … Continue reading

DSL Extreme is a California-based provider of high speed Internet access for residential customers and businesses offering DSL, ADSL2+, Ethernet, and business T1 connectivity at lower prices.  If you research the company on the Internet you will find a host … Continue reading

3G Internet speed is third generation technology for Internet connectivity and is preceded by 1G and 2G. This type of technology refers to the rate of data transfer over the Internet with the fastest speed achieved with 3G. Although 4G … Continue reading

Most people use their laptop PC to locate the nearest WiFi hotspot.  The most recent PCs are capable of automatically detecting a wireless connection.  But what if you do not want to go through the hassle of unpacking your laptop, … Continue reading

Updated: 22 December, 2014 Fiber optic and cable Internet are the two main technologies that are used to establish a high speed Internet connection. But, what is the difference between these two types of connections? Current and emerging technologies require … Continue reading

When you establish a high speed broadband Internet connection in your home, to ensure a reliable connection it is essential to have the necessary knowledge of the right type of equipment to establish an appropriate connection that suits your Internet … Continue reading

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If you are using the Xbox 360 by Microsoft the device is designed for Internet connectivity for accessing applications such as online games and other programs.  Depending upon the model of the Xbox 360 you have it may be necessary … Continue reading