5 Best Malaysia VPNs For Raspberry Pi Review 2022

best malaysia vpn for raspberry pi
best malaysia vpn for raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi is your tiny computer that can be plugged into any display. We have come way past the time when you needed to have separate CPUs with large sizes to get things done. Now, you have options like Raspberry Pi that you can plug in with any digital display device like a monitor or TV screen with an input option to turn it to your computer.

Raspberry Pi offers you power for all your digital day-to-day tasks. Yet, it has limited hardware resources that might not be a perfect fit if you are looking to perform complex tasks on it. Security is one of your major concerns, and you will need to protect your information over the internet.

VPNs are a great choice if you are using to connect your Raspberry Pi to the internet. If you are in Malaysia and want to use Raspberry Pi while being protected on the internet, following VPNs will be the right choice for you.

5 Best Malaysia VPN For Raspberry Pi Review

1) ExpressVPN

expressvpn best malaysia vpn for raspberry pi

ExpressVPN is your top choice if you are looking for a reliable and secure VPN service in Malaysia for your Raspberry Pi without having to worry about the speed of your connection. ExpressVPN has dedicated servers for Malaysia that will ensure you to have a faster, stable, and speedy internet connection that is secure from any information theft or privy intrusions from organizations that might be looking to steal your information.

They are offering you the liberty to use ExpressVPN on a wide range of OS choices including Windows and Linux so you don’t have to worry about which OS your Raspberry Pi is running. You can have access to world-class online security in Malaysia for your Raspberry Pi if you choose to go with ExpressVPN.


  • Servers across the world including Malaysia
  • Support for multiple platforms including Linux and Windows, most commonly used OS for Raspberry Pi
  • Unlimited Speed and Bandwidth

2) NordVPN

nordvpn best malaysia vpn for raspberry pi

NordVPN is well reputed across the globe for its no-logs policy and a whopping range of servers in more than 60 countries of the world. They got some servers in Malaysia as well so you can feel at home and access Malaysian content from anywhere in the world.

Not only that, but they are also offering you access to a dedicated IP over the internet that you can change if you wish to, enabling you with a stable and faster connection. If you are looking for a VPN service in Malaysia for your Raspberry Pi, you must consider NordVPN as it might be the perfect choice for a safer online experience.

NordVPN offers a 256-bit AES protocol with 2048-bit encryption, making it one of the safest VPN services in Malaysia having dedicated servers adding to the speed and stability of your connection over the internet.


  • Seven dedicated servers in Malaysia
  • Cross-platform support for Raspberry Pi
  • 256-bit AES protocol with 2048-bit encryption for a safer internet connection

3) CyberGhost

cyberghost best malaysia vpn for raspberry pi

CyberGhost is popular among most internet users due to its simple interface that allows ease of use for everyone. They offer a one-click control panel that allows you to enable/disable the VPN protection with great ease.

Not only that, CyberGhost makes for one of the top choices for Raspberry Pi users in Malaysia as it is extremely light on the hardware resources thanks to their dedicated servers in Malaysia that will do all the leg work for you and you can enjoy much faster and stable internet connectivity.

CyberGhost also allows you with a choice to select your IP address from a dedicated list of IPs across the world that are being routed and masked on their very own servers.


  • State-of-the-art encryption protocols
  • The extremely light interface that does not put any strain on your hardware resources, making it a perfect fit for Raspberry Pi
  • Servers based in Malaysia for better speed, stability, and security

4) SurfShark

surfshark best malaysia vpn for raspberry pi

As the name suggests, this VPN is always vigilant and you can rest assured that all your sensitive information and private data over the internet is safe from any kind of information stealing individuals or organizations.

SurfShark provides you access to their tens of servers in Malaysia and hundreds of servers across the world to choose a dedicated IP for your raspberry pi so you can not only access geo-restricted content easily but also secure your information that can be easily stolen on the internet otherwise.

SurfShark has a light and easy to the user interface that can connect up to 10 devices at a time simultaneously and is compatible with the most major OS that is used on Raspberry Pi including Windows and Linux, making it one of the top choices to consider if you are looking to get a VPN service for your Raspberry Pi in Malaysia.


  • Super-light and interactive interface
  • Compatibility with major online platforms
  • Servers located in Malaysia for optimal connectivity
  • Connectivity with multiple devices simultaneously

5) IPVanish

ipvanish best malaysia vpn for raspberry pi

IPVanish does exactly as the name says and masks your original IP address over their encryption protocols that are second to none in terms of safety and security of your data. They have a strong network with thousands of servers all across the globe including some located in Malaysia that make it a top choice to be considered if you are looking to have a sustainable VPN service to use with your Raspberry Pi in Malaysia.

IPVanish can be a perfect choice for you if you use your Raspberry Pi for streaming as well, as it comes with a P2P encryption service that allows torrenting on all major networks and unblocks all the geo-restricted content easily.


  • Top-Notch encryption services
  • Kill-Switch protocol enabling a foolproof security structure
  • Easy to use with Raspberry Pi in Malaysia

Choosing The Best Malaysia VPN For Raspberry Pi

These are some of the services that have dedicated servers located in Malaysia allowing you to have foolproof security and top-notch encryption services without putting much strain on the hardware resources on your Raspberry Pi. They also come with some additional features that might be of great help to you.

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