5 Best Malaysia VPNs For Gaming Review 2022

best malaysia vpn for gaming
best malaysia vpn for gaming

Gaming is the next big thing as gamers make tons of money online just by playing video games. Every kid in the world wants to own a console or a gaming PC. Gamers are crazy about their online reputation and career. The biggest problem they face includes lagging during their gameplay.

Even gamers from Malaysia face this issue and keep facing it on a regular basis even with a strong internet connection. They claim that latency and lags are some of the reasons that they are not able to concentrate on their online gaming. One simple solution is using a VPN. Some of the best Malaysia VPN for gaming are as follows:

5 Best Malaysia VPN For Gaming Review

1) ExpressVPN 

expressvpn best malaysia vpn for gaming

As one of the most trusted VPN service provider, ExpressVPN has it all a VPN user needs. They have more than thirty-one hundred servers that are available in at least ninety countries worldwide. There are some servers in Malaysia as well.

The VPN provider claims that they do not keep or save user data. This means users are not concerned about their privacy and security at all. They follow the strict zero-logs policy strictly. The IP address is masked and their online activity is anonymous.

Gamers around the world face problems when it comes to ping, lags, latency etc. ExpressVPN lowers the ping and this becomes an advantage for all gamers. The VPN lets online players game with all they have got without compromising their internet speed.

Malaysians should choose this VPN service as the servers have the best encryption with the highest protection and this gives them a safe connection. ExpressVPN provides many features to all the uses, which also includes a kill switch, a DNS, and webRTC attack prevention and so much more.

2) NordVPN 

nordvpn best malaysia vpn for gaming

As a VPN service can decrease the latency, NordVPN does it pretty well. The servers are P2P optimized and are even great for online gaming. NordVPN does not only provide privacy but also delivers the best speeds. They also follow the no-logs policy and have very strict protocols.

They value the privacy and security of their users and do not save any user-activity. The servers are highly encrypted which makes it difficult to break the encryption. NordVPN promises every user that they will get the online anonymity and freedom they deserve.

With more than five thousand servers around the world, NordVPN is easily one of the most famous VPN service providers in the VPN industry. The servers are secure and optimized. The 256-bit AES protocol is set as a default setting and the 2048-bit SSL keys are used.

Thanks to these protocols, internet traffic has strong encryption as well. Malaysian gamers use this VPN service and enjoy lower pings in their games. The customer support is available 24/7 to help the users even though the servers and connections provided by NordVPN are quite strong and rarely drop.

3) CyberGhost

cyberghost best malaysia vpn for gaming

The primary goal of CyberGhost VPN is to provide its users the protection and safety they need from all online scammers, frauds, and hackers. The VPN service has P2P optimized servers available in more than eighty countries. The six thousand servers spread worldwide and some of them are even available in Malaysia.

The VPN service does more than just wonders when it comes to providing the users the anonymity they need on the internet. The 256-bit AES protocol followed strictly with the default MD5 authentication and 2048-bit RSA keys.

Malaysians can enjoy safe and secure online gaming and do not have to worry about latency or lags. The speeds do not drop and the VPN works smoothly as soon as it connects to the internet. The automated HTTPS re-direction makes the connections even more secure which makes users surf and browse the internet with freedom without risking their identities. It is one best Malaysia VPN for gaming.

4) PrivateVPN

privatevpn best malaysia vpn for gaming

Providing one of the fastest connections and protecting the identities of all their customers and users, PrivateVPN definitely deserves to be in the top list of all VPNs. The VPN service provider claims that they have their own P2P optimized servers, which have military-level encryption. PrivateVPN also has servers located in Malaysia so gamers do not need to worry about slow speeds there.

The servers are encrypted and optimized especially to decrease latency and lower ping so that gamers can enjoy their online games. The customer service support is 24/7 available to answer all questions asked by the users.

Their customer service is one of the most cooperative customer services in the VPN industry. The connections are fast and smooth and rarely drop, the speed is consistent and that fulfills the requirements of every gamer that plays online.

5) VyprVPN

vyprvpn best malaysia vpn for gaming

VyprVPN has more than two hundred thousand IP addresses available for their customers and users in almost seventy countries worldwide. This VPN service is designed to deliver the fastest speeds with the best level of security to all users.

The optimized servers provide the best speed to online gamers in the country, which even includes gamers from Malaysia. There are many special tools and features offered to users for increased privacy and security.

Chameleon technology is an upgraded tool that lets users access restricted content in just a few seconds. Users access even new games and restricted ones just by using this VPN service. The NAT firewall provides gamers from Malaysia an extra layer of protection on their connections and servers. In addition, the anti-DDoS protection ensures that no DDoS attack happens on the network. VyprVPN is one best Malaysia VPN for gaming.

Choosing The Best Malaysia VPN For Gaming

With more than a million gamers worldwide and the ones that belong to Malaysia, face the same issues repeatedly. These issues involve latency, privacy, and speed. The best and simple solution for them is to choose the best Malaysia VPN for gaming and to look connect it with their servers before they play online games.

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