March 2012

If you have an existing network which is wired, adding a wireless Internet access point to the network can potentially cause conflicts when it comes to using IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. When IP address conflicts occur, it causes problems with … Continue reading

Video on demand has increased in popularity due to convenience and cost which has promoted a lot of competition with cable TV providers.  As a result, many cable television companies are trying to find ways to compete with the growing … Continue reading

XSAT stands for Exceptional Satellite and is technology that is used to produce mobile satellite telecommunications. This form of satellite communications is designed to support data and voice in the mobile environment for a variety of uses in locations on … Continue reading

Regardless of whether you are viewing standard TV programming, using your DVD or Blu-ray player, or connecting your PC to your HDTV to enjoy Internet TV programming, you may not be getting the most of out of your viewing experience … Continue reading

In today’s mobile environment you rarely come across someone when you are out in public that does not carry some type of mobile device.  Everywhere you go you see people attached to their mobile phones in which they practically carry … Continue reading

If you have just purchased your first HDTV or you are on your second or third unit, there are steps you can take when connecting your HDTV to your home entertainment system that will help to ensure your new system … Continue reading

EVDO is a protocol that is used to establish high speed broadband connectivity to your PC or mobile device to obtain an always-on connection which is capable of working at speeds close to those of a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) … Continue reading

An Overview of UMTS

by Aeyne Schriber on March 18, 2012 in 3G

Over the last decade consumers and business people alike have become increasingly mobile.  Within the last few years there has been a significant increase in the number of people who are multitasking on the go.  It is difficult not to … Continue reading

If you have never used municipal WiFi but you have noticed people out in public connecting to the Internet, chances are they are using a municipal WiFi connection to access the Internet.  A municipal WiFi connection is basically a wireless … Continue reading

When it comes to business productivity and continuity reliable and speedy IT applications are a must have in today’s competitive marketplace.  You have a broad range of options when it comes to voice and data connectivity which makes it difficult … Continue reading

If you have ever been disappointed because you forgot to record your favorite television show, now it is possible to have the best of both worlds by using a remote DVR service.  Many of the major cable providers such as … Continue reading

Netflix is one of the many video streaming services online that allow you to stream video on-demand from the Internet at a much lower price than you pay for cable TV.  Video streaming services are very easy to use and … Continue reading

Fixed wireless is a technology which is used to provide broadband connectivity over a specified range without the need to install any wires.  This type of broadband Internet connectivity was established to provide faster access and improved reliability when using … Continue reading

Tethering is used as a means for connecting one or more mobile devices to the Internet such as a cell phone and a PC.  The tethering process can be accomplished using a variety of different methods including connecting the devices … Continue reading

Updated: September 8, 2014 Current cell phone service can be quite costly due to the fact that the industry tends to be controlled by a handful of carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and others. But, what if you could use … Continue reading