5 Best Singapore VPNs For PUBG Review 2021

best singapore vpn for pubg
best singapore vpn for pubg

Whether you need access to location specific content in your game, or just need to sneak some rounds of Erangel squads during your work break, adopting the use of a VPN for PUBG can help in any case. VPNs help encrypt the traffic from your device to the internet, essentially making it easier to bypass blocking of certain content and prevent your ISP, employer, or government from finding out what requests you make to the internet.

VPNs also help in masking your IP address, seemingly making it possible for you to access gaming servers from around the world and be able to play in any chosen region, essentially leveling the latency and lag during a match.

Before getting into it, an overview of the top VPNs,

  • ExpressVPN – Incredibly fast speeds and optimized servers
  • NordVPN – Top-grade security with over 5000+ servers worldwide
  • CyberGhost – Massive server network and full of features
  • SurfShark – Great performance and affordable prices
  • PrivateVPN – Strong security and reliably fast connections

Choosing a good VPN means picking a service that provides reliable connections over a large server network, along with good security and unblocking abilities. It should also have a strong encryption to safeguard data and no logs of any personal data to ensure privacy, along with apps compatible with all major platforms. Following are all the VPNs up for the job –

Best Singapore VPN For PUBG Review

1) ExpressVPN

expressvpn best singapore vpn for pubg

Operating at over 3000+ servers in around 94 countries, this VPN giant is perfect for unblocking anything from streaming sites to geo-restricted content and games around the world. Not to mention incredibly high speeds and almost unlimited bandwidth, paving the way for smooth gaming without any lag and exceptionally low latency. ExpressVPN also lets you connect up to 5 devices at once so gaming on the go is made even easier.

The VPN provider secures all internet traffic using 256-bit AES encryption and even offers protection against DNS and IPv6 leaks. It even features a Killswitch, that stops the transfer of all data should you be disconnected from your VPN unexpectedly. ExpressVPN logs no personal information whatsoever and offers even more anonymity by providing the optional bitcoin payment method, making sure you stay safe during your session.

ExpressVPN has apps for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS devices, with customer support ready 24/7 for any sort of assistance over live chat.

2) NordVPN

nordvpn best singapore vpn for pubg

One the most renowned name in the industry (around 7 years of experience in the tech industry), NordVPN is sufficiently fast enough for 4k streaming on sites like HBO and Netflix, meaning your PUBG session will run without any lag. And, with a whopping 5000+ server collection across 59 countries, you can have a multitude of servers and regions to choose and play from, basically bypassing any region lock and enjoying a game without any ping issues or connection problems to worry about.

NordVPN is known to be one the safest and most secure VPN providers in the industry, with military-grade encryption and protection from WebRTC, DNS and IPv6 leaks, along with a customizable Killswitch that cuts off all data traffic from the internet and built-in malware scanning and ad-blocking.

Like all other big players in the market, this VPN also doesn’t log any personal information or IP footprints, ensuring the user’s privacy. With apps for all major platforms, NordVPN provides all these features and services at great, affordable plans.

3) SurfShark

surfshark best singapore vpn for pubg

A fairly new kid on the block, SurfShark has quickly overtaken most of the competition and settled into place as one of the fastest VPN providers in the industry, great for PUBG where connection speed is detrimental.

With over 1000+ servers in its network spread across 60+ countries, it may not have the largest network but it makes up for it in speed and offers unlimited bandwidth with great unblocking service. Apart from that, it is the only major VPN provider that has absolutely no connection limits, meaning you can secure all your devices on the same account and even then, some more.

This VPN uses the industry standard in encryption (the 256-bit AES) and offers protection against IP and DNS leaks as well, along with bypasses for country-imposed internet restrictions. SurfShark stores no identifying information of any user, but if you need that extra privacy boost you can opt to pay through Bitcoin, Ripple, or Ethereum. Any issue with the service or its functions can be resolved quickly through the provider’s customer support through live chat, no matter what platform you’re using it on.

Hop onto the fastest VPN at around $2/month and enjoy blazing fast speed.

4) CyberGhost

cyberghostvpn best singapore vpn for pubg

One of the largest networks in the VPN world, CyberGhost has 6000+ servers across 90+ countries which makes finding an optimal low-latency server for your PUBG match a relatively easy task no matter where you are in the world physically. Apart from unblocking PUBG regions, it unblocks anything you can throw at it ranging from streaming sites like Netflix and Hulu to journalism sources and reporter data dumps. It even allows 7 connections at a time, something not all VPNs can offer.

The VPN itself is extremely easy-to-use with all its major security features already enabled at the start so the user doesn’t have much to tinker with. Best of all, all of its apps come with pre-set profiles making it easier to choose what you want out of the VPN and get servers that give you the best latency during your gaming session.

CyberGhost also has all the major security protocols needed for a top-notch VPN provider like IPv6 and DNS leak protection, 256-bit encryption, and even a malware-scanner. Not to mention, a Killswitch in its app for all platforms and operating systems to ensure no breach of privacy happens in case of a disconnection.

CyberGhost is by far the best budget VPN for PUBG with fast speeds and great features, not to mention a generous 45-day money-back guarantee along with affordable pricing plans.

5) PureVPN

purevpn best singapore vpn for pubg

This Hong Kong-based VPN is on par with most of its competitors when it comes to speed and encrypting user internet traffic while browsing, and is secure enough to keep you safe during your game stream or major competition where you run the risk of being targeted by a DDoS attack or some other nefarious scheme.

Offering over 2000+ servers in around 140+ locations worldwide, Pure VPN is exceptionally good at connections and its servers support 1Gbit connections that help deliver a lag-free and smooth gaming experience with relatively low ping. It also offers Port Forwarding capabilities, something a gamer can use to reduce their ping in-game even lower.

PureVPN has top-grade security with 256-bit encryption and supporting secure protocols like OpenVPN, SSTP, and PPTP, providing a great balance of security and speed (something essential to gamers around the world). It also has a Killswitch that ensures you’re never in any vulnerable situation online if you disconnect abruptly.

Their pricing plans offer great deals with subscription as low as $3/month, making PureVPN a great choice.

Choosing The Best Singapore VPN For PUBG

To top it off, any VPN that can securely connect you to optimized servers with safe data transfer is good enough for any gamer or streamer, or if you’re looking to access blocked content. With servers worldwide, these VPNs can help you log into sites while hiding your actual IP address and making sure all your internet traffic is safe and encrypted. Pick out the VPN that suits your gaming needs and enjoy a smooth gaming experience, with a reliable connection and zero threat of cyber attacks.

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