5 Best Singapore VPNs For PC Review 2021

best singapore vpn for pc
best singapore vpn for pc

Singapore has a great rank regarding technology and VPN services play an important role to make sure it is difficult for hackers to know your locality and know what you are surfing on the web.

VPN service is of great benefit for people as it helps them stream Netflix, Amazon, BBC iPlayer, etc. There are several VPN services in Singapore that are known to be great. Let us look at the few best Singapore VPN for PC that is highly recommended VPN providers and see how they are of help.

5 Best Singapore VPN For PC Review:

1. ExpressVPN:

expressvpn best singapore vpn for pc

ExpressVPN is known for providing fast speed, great security, and helps you unlock even Netflix. It is the top-recommended VPN service in Singapore due to its features including the fact that it is not complex at all.  Its services are available in 94 countries including Singapore.

Due to its server location in Singapore, it is easy for the citizens of Singapore to access different websites while traveling abroad. The reason why it has a great level in the privacy perspective is that it doesn’t store any traffic logs.

But to advance the quality standards express VPN does extract some minimal data including date, bandwidth usage, and choice of VPN server location. The company ensures there is no way that your IP address will be logged and just to make sure about the privacy user can utilize the burner email account and pay by Bitcoin.

For perfect secrecy, the company uses protocols like 256-bit AES-CBC and HMAC authentication. If suddenly the connection drops then all the web traffic is halted by the feature called kill switch.

It supports torrenting and is also able to unlock the geo-restricted Netflix content. It not only works for Windows and macOS but also android and iOS. It has so many pros. Some of which include its great speed service in Singapore, it doesn’t save logs and is great in terms of confidentiality, easy to use, best for Singapore residents to use for native content while traveling in abroad and it also has a great live chat customer services that are of great convenience. These all points add up to its credibility. It has only one con and that is it not being low-priced among all.

2. NordVPN:

nordvpn best singapore vpn for pc

This company has been working for years which reflects upon its high standards. Like ExpressVPN it also has the feature of keeping no data regarding the browsing history or saving any kind of server information. NordVPN functions in 62 countries and works finest for anti-DDoS and video streaming. 62 servers are located in Singapore hence it is considered perfect for users of Singapore that are traveling abroad.

It not only easily unblocks Netflix but provides access to Hulu and BBC iPlayer. NordVPN utilizes 256-bit AES protocol along with 2048-bit SSL keys, just to maintain its standards concerning the encryption. DNS leak is also prevented. If you connect with and use public Wi-Fi more often then it also has a programmed Wi-Fi protection feature to make your experience safe.

It supports Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. The only disadvantage that exists about NordVPN is that it has not much of a beginner-friendly Apps. On the other hand, its good features include its ability to operate in more than 62 countries including Singapore.  Applications are safe and great privacy options, fast speed, and easy unlocking of the streaming sites.

In addition to that, it offers great chat support for their clients. It is known for being the best budget considerate VPN and can be used on up to 6 devices at once with no speed compromise. It also has a 30-day money-back agreement for its users. The final thought about it would be that it is a great company with the best speed and solid safety profile.

3. CyberGhost:

cyberghost best singapore vpn for pc

CyberGhost was present initially in Romania but it has just been headquartered in the UK. It has great safety features and does not save any recorded information. It has 5800 servers all around the world, out of which 48 of them are present in Singapore.

Its Apps are supported by Windows, macOS, Android, and ios. This company also provides complete access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and other popular streaming websites. Its VPN account provides you two options regarding modes, the special streaming mode or desired streaming mode and you can select among them according to your choice and preference.

There are no concerns about data loss as CyberGhost uses 256-bit AES encryption and alongside with 2048- bit RSA keys and MD5 HMAC authentication. All of these procedures are considered as top criteria hence the encryption protocols are pretty high for CyberGhost. The advance configuration options are not present in CyberGhost which is one negative thing.

It provides many advantages including great speed and downloading for the residents of Singapore. It is beginner-friendly unlike NordVPN and speed tests are quite remarkable as well. It is very fast and trustworthy and is especially best for novice users. It ensures DNS leaks protection and has 45 days of money-back guarantee for its users.

4. IPVanish:

ipvanish best singapore vpn for pc

IPVanish is another standard VPN service that is known for its super-fast speed and great confidentiality features for its users. There is no storage of web browsing at all hence it is considered a completely log less service. A minimal amount of information is accessed when you first log in to your account. It uses 256-bit protocol, SHA512 authentication, and DHE-RSA 2,048-bit Key to ensure and maintain its high standards of encryption.

By the use of these protocols, IPVanish makes it difficult for hackers to know any kind of data from your web as it cannot decrypt any past data to know what you have been up to. Like other VPNs, it also has a kill switch that makes the web traffic temporarily ceased in case the connection drops. It is known for its faster speed and security and is available in 60 countries all around the world.

18 out of 1000 servers of IPVanish are available in Singapore. It provides unblocking of streaming websites and hence is great when traveling overseas. It not only has desktop supports for PC but also has Apps for android and ios. IPVanish is well known to its Kodi users as it allows them to download directly in their devices when needed.

For Kodi devices that don’t have a keyboard and mouse attached to them the interference is remote control friendly. It is reliable and fast. It is known to have some of the best safety and secrecy features. It is popular among remote control users. It is not good if you need access from china and it can be a cause of headache for its users that want to access some popular streaming sites.

It is best for Kodi users and the Torrents. It has great privacy options but being unable to easily access the popular streaming sites is quite so not interesting. It has a 7-day money-back guarantee.

5. VyprVPN:

vyprvpn best singapore vpn for pc

For the purpose of troubleshooting, the VyprVPN has the policy to store some important data; the concerning part of which is that it has access to the IP address. It also stores the information comprising of the time when you started and stopped the connection and the total number of bytes used while browsing.

The data is only kept for 30 days according to the company. The VyprVPN is known for its ability to circumvent China’s Great Firewall. Due to recent developments such as Apple’s expulsion of VPN Apps, it can change at any time. The company manages the entire data itself and there is no such thing as renting servers, which is so common for other companies. It helps the company to control the connection and speed of their service directly. The encryption is secured by OpenVPN protocol, 256-bits AES, 2048-bit RSA keys, and SHA256 authentication.

The traffic is halted temporarily in case of any drop in connection by the kill switch feature. The premium version has a protocol called chameleon’ which is known for its great data encryption security. This is a valuable feature for all those users that can’t compromise their privacy at any cost. There is no exact count but it is known to have more than 700 servers in Singapore. It has great downloading options and Apps that work great for android, ios, and even for PC users.

It can unlock content on famous streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. It has decent speed and privacy features. The company operates the entire system themselves and is user friendly. It does not store logs data and it is considered pricey though. It has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Choosing The Best Singapore VPN For PC

VPN has made the life of its users easier by providing a great amount of privacy and security while they surf through basically anything on the internet. The 5 best Singapore VPN companies for PC mentioned above are by far the best ones known.

The VPN service can be selected keeping in mind the need of the user as each one of them is known for some specific feature. In our view, ExpressVPN is the best among them.

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