5 Best Singapore VPNs for Mobile Legends Review 2021

Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends
Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends

Gamers are generally always connected to the internet, which means they run the risk of being exposed to various threats. With virtual attacks and data theft on the rise, it is vital for a gamer to use VPN to stay protected. And while there are multiple free VPNs for gaming, they rarely get the job done for gamers or the average user.

A free VPN can’t hide your IP well enough for you to stay anonymous during your gaming session, something that is required for serious gamers who understand the risk of compromised security and DDoS attacks.

Not to mention, free software usually comes with backdoor information deals that sell private information or slow down your connection speed, essentially ruining your gaming experience. They also have limited bandwidth, which means less data to actually enjoy all the games you want to play.

This is where a legit, premium VPN comes in play. The best VPN services provide unlimited bandwidth, no IP logging, or records of any kind, optimized connection speed for seamlessly smooth gaming and high-level encryption that will keep you safe. And with the countless servers to choose from, can effortlessly hide or spoof your IP to any other location of your choosing.

Even with Mobile Legends on a smartphone, a VPN can allow you to choose any specific server you want to play at and make sure you have a stable connection with zero lag. Following is a list of the top-notch VPNs that improve gaming experience and keep you secure while doing it.

Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends Review

1) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest in the game and has built a reputation amongst gamers for just that. Tests show lower ping and latency on this VPN, something that is paramount to a user during an online match and which can decide the outcome. With over 3000 servers in around 90+ countries, you can choose a server as quickly as a press of a button and ensure that you have stable and completely reliable network speeds, regardless of where you choose the server from.

Add exceptional security to the mix, and ExpressVPN shines out as the perfect VPN package, with the threat of attacks assuaged and your data kept safe and sound behind its strong encryption. It even comes with a Killswitch, which keeps all internet traffic secure and grounded in the case of an unfortunate disconnection.

Their service provides greatly compatible apps for both Android and iOS and is even easier to set up on your PC or even your gaming consoles. Granted, the pricing from this particular VPN provider is a little steep compared to others, it is justified according to all the features and security protocols it provides. A single subscription protects up to 5 devices at a time.

2) NordVPN

NordVPN Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends

Another big name in the industry, NordVPN is famous for putting it all on the table, and with amazingly fast connection speeds and a robust security system, it’s basically the go-to choice for any gamer looking to optimize his or her gaming experience.

With over 5000+ servers spread far and wide across the world, this VPN offers up great connection performance and ensures your IP stays protected in the process, with no delays or bandwidth limits of any kind.

NordVPN offers advanced security protocols with 256-bit AES encryption and DNS leak protection, essentially making sure you are well protected from DDoS attacks or any other kind of cyber threats or attacks. It also offers special obfuscated servers that hide the use of your VPN from your current ISP, making it impossible for anyone to know you’re on any private networks.

You can also switch as many servers as you like to ensure the best privacy during your gaming session and to make sure you are uninterrupted during that hard-earned victory.

Nord is compatible with all major platforms and operating systems and offers all of its premium features for a whole month with a money-back guarantee.

3) CyberGhost

CyberGhost Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends

CyberGhost VPN is a major crowd favorite, for a number of reasons. It is one of the most secure VPNs in the market and the most privacy-oriented provider. Based in Romania, it has the largest network of servers, 7000+ worldwide making it an optimal choice for logging in through different countries and acquiring location-specific games or deals or even to participate in competitions from different parts of the world. It is considered to be one of the best names is privacy, and keeps your data secure and away from prying eyes.

You can safeguard up to 7 devices at a time, more than what your usual VPNs offer. And with it, you have an incredibly easy-to-use interface that puts your specific needs ahead of anything else. CyberGhost offers pre-set profiles to its customers, designated settings that allow the user to tell their VPN what they exactly need it for and thus get the best-optimized performance out of it.

All these incredible features, plus a very generous 45-day money-back guarantee, make CyberGhost VPN a great option even compared to other big names in the industry.

4) SurfShark

SurfShark Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends

SurfShark straight-up offers the best service for its exceptionally cheap price and easy interface that helps you navigate setting up a VPN connection for your gaming needs. Despite being relatively new to the race (with just over 1700+ servers worldwide), the VPN makes up for the fact by securing around 100 server locations around to world for you to connect to and ensuring fast network speed all around.

It boasts one of the fastest speeds amongst its competitors in 2020, and unlike other providers does not limit the number of devices you can secure at the same time with just one account. This helps users broaden their secure gaming experience over a multitude of devices and platforms.

SurfShark’s highspeed servers and unlimited bandwidth enable the user to avoid traffic throttling and enjoy minimal lag and buffering during sessions. Apart from speed, it also provides unbreakable encryption and strong security protocols that ensure your IP remains safe and that any traffic sent over the internet is kept secure.

Compatible with all major platforms, SurfShark offers a substantial 30-day money-back guarantee and with pricing as low as $2, seems to be the best choice for a budget-friendly yet highly capable gaming VPN.

5) Hotspot Shield

HotspotShield Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends

Hotspot Shield is a household name when it comes to VPN providers, especially since it offers a free version of its service (watered down, obviously) without any payment registration or account. It has 3200+ servers in over 130 locations, a significant feat for a veteran like Hotspot, and offers amazing speed performance on all its servers due to the proprietary Catapult Hydra protocol developed by AnchorFree. Even on long-distance servers, it performs incredibly fast and without any bandwidth issues.

Hotspot Shield has impeccable security, working with 256-bit AES encryption and offers built-in malware-blocking technology that ensures your devices run smoothly without any outside interference.

It also has native apps for both Android and iOS and performs well overall in all platforms and operating systems. Check out the free version to see what it’s all about, or dive right into Hotspot Shield’s yearly plan and get your shield.

Choosing The Best Singapore VPN For Mobile Legends

Overall, any VPN that does not sacrifice speed and functionality is the right fit for any sort of gaming or online activity. All these services provide a robust and exceptional experience, with increased security, compatibility, and protocols to fight against latency and throttling.

They also help in bypassing geolocation restrictions and masking IPs sufficiently enough to prevent cyber-attacks and other malicious threats. Make a better choice with our list for the top 5 VPNs.

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