5 Best Singapore VPNs For Android TV Box Review 2020

best singapore vpn for android tv box
best singapore vpn for android tv box

Streaming movies and TV shows online have become an everyday thing for most people. Almost everything has gone digital and watching content online is very common now. Many services and providers offer different packages to the people so they can choose which one suits them better.

An Android TV box is also a device that lets users stream their favorite video content as well as play games online. Connected through either Ethernet or Wi-Fi, this device even lets users surf the internet. However, many people in different countries including Singapore are usually unable to access some specific websites and content because of restrictions. A VPN helps them unblock and access anything they want with ease. Some of the best Singapore VPN for Android TV box is as follows:

5 Best Singapore VPN For Android TV Box Review:

1. ExpressVPN

expressvpn best singapore vpn for android tv box

ExpressVPN is the best when it comes to speed, privacy, unlimited bandwidth, and many more features. This VPN service is said to be the number one VPN service provider in the world. ExpressVPN has the trust of the people and is designed to give all users the online privacy and security they need.

With military-level unbreakable encryption, this VPN provides protection and complete anonymity. It has the 256-bit AES encryption and an IP leak prevention feature. It also protects from all DNS and webRTC leaks. As many VPNs do not have a Kill Switch, ExpressVPN surely has one.

Users from around the globe including the ones in Singapore who find it difficult to access the blocked or restricted content can subscribe to ExpressVPN and enjoy unlimited bandwidth with high protection on their Android TV box. The IP is masked and the VPN service even claims that they do not save any user activity and keep no logs at all.

By using ExpressVPN, users from Singapore can get their Android TV box to unblock all blocked websites and streaming services such as Hulu, Netflix, etc. and enjoy their favorite movies or TV shows. This VPN service is expensive but they also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Users can simply download the ExpressVPN application from the Google Play Store pre-installed in their Android TV box and sign up to make an account.

2. NordVPN 

nordvpn best singapore vpn for android tv box

Users can forget about bandwidth throttling and if the VPN works on a specific platform as NordVPN covers it all up. With just a simple click, NordVPN lets users go private and anonymous on the internet. The VPN service provides them a safer and well-protected environment where they can roam, surf, and browse the internet with nothing but freedom.

As a rival of ExpressVPN, NordVPN also offers great features and options for the users. It follows the OpenVPN protocol as well as has the 256-bit AES encryption and the IP, DNS, and webRTC leak prevention features. NordVPN also has a Kill Switch which when activated disconnects the internet instead of just blocking apps and websites to cut off any risks.

The upload and download speeds are amazing and online gamers do not need to worry about latency as NordVPN provides the fastest speeds with almost no lags at all. Users can also configure VPN settings according to their needs and requirements. Android TV box users in every other country including Singapore can just connect to NordVPN and play their online games without any hassle.

They can also enjoy online streaming from online streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and even Amazon Prime, etc. as NordVPN unblocks all restricted websites and content. The ‘Quick Connect’ button helps users find the most suitable server available for their Android TV box. It has over twenty-one hundred servers available in almost sixty-one countries so Android TV box users can choose the server, which suits them best, and enjoy faster speeds.

3. CyberGhost VPN 

cyberghostvpn best singapore vpn for android tv box

CyberGhost VPN service launched in 2011 and now has more than ten million users around the world. With around four thousand servers, spread across sixty countries provides one of the best services available. It has many security features to offer which include the AES-256 bit encryption, TOR through their VPN servers, and even Split Tunneling.

It also prevents leaks and attacks, which many people usually face which includes DNS, IP, or webRTC ones. They have a very strict no-logs policy and they claim that they do not save the activity of their users. The online privacy and security provided by them are through the charts.

Users from Singapore that want to utilize their Android TV boxes and streaming video content on restricted and blocked websites such as Netflix and Hulu can do so as the servers are not just compatible but are optimized for it. It has a different section in the menu bar just for online streaming services.

This Romania and Germany based VPN service blocks all ads, trackers, and malicious content on the internet as it follows strict security protocols to keep the users safe. It even has an automated HTTPS re-direction that protects and secures the connections and websites that the user tries to access.

Overall, it is one best Singapore VPN for Android TV box and for many other devices and platforms as well. The UI (User Interface) of the application is very understandable and easy to use even on an Android TV box.

4. IPVanish

ipvanish best singapore vpn for android tv box

IPVanish is one of the famous VPN service providers around the globe. With over more than fourteen hundred servers spread across more than fifty countries, this VPN does not compromise when it is all about customer service and satisfaction. The online privacy and protection that IPVanish provides are through the charts and quite excellent.

The servers are highly encrypted and the bandwidth offered is unlimited. There are no data caps and that lets all users including Singaporeans to use the services without any restriction. They also have a no-logs policy and they maintain that very strictly. They believe that they do not want the users to feel unsafe and unprotected when they use IPVanish.

The VPN service lets the users connect to at least ten different devices on only one subscription or account. It also does well when it comes to speed tests. The service is quite affordable than ExpressVPN and NordVPN and offers some excellent features and is worth the money.

It works and supports almost all platforms including Windows, iOS, and Android, etc. Android TV box users around the world and even from Singapore can use IPVanish to unblock all restricted and blocked content, which they usually cannot access. It has customer support that is 24/7 available to answer all queries and even offers a free trial. As the service completely logs less and does not compromise the privacy of the user, it is also one best Singapore VPN for Android TV box as well.

5. PrivateVPN 

privatevpn best singapore vpn for android tv box

PrivateVPN works efficiently when it comes to privacy and the protection of the users. The fastest connections and servers are available through this VPN service. The payment system is anonymous via Bitcoin as well. The VPN service offers a Kill Switch option and has military-grade encryption.

There are no bandwidth restrictions for users even from Singapore. It offers a hundred percent privacy protection and the users do not have to worry at all about their privacy. It secures all browsing and internet activity from all prying eyes.

The number of servers may be less but PrivateVPN owns these servers and that makes it even safer. As they follow the no-logs policy as well, it is without a doubt a service that every person should opt for that is concerned about his or her privacy. These servers even minimize the possibility of a DNS or webRTC attack.

The application is available on almost all platforms, which include Windows, iOS, Android, etc. Android TV box users from around the globe and from countries like Singapore can enjoy safe, secure, and well-protected internet by using PrivateVPN. They are not monitored or tracked online, can access restricted websites, and blocked content that is usually not available to them.

The download speeds are decent as well but not as fast as the other VPN providers are. Overall, this is a good alternative for people in Singapore who just want to stream online services like Netflix and Hulu by unblocking them at a cheap cost.

Choosing The Best Singapore VPN For Android TV Box

It is common these days that people use the internet to view and enjoy online content on various streaming services like HBO GO, Hulu, and Netflix, etc. Some countries do not have to privilege to access them and they might need a VPN connection to their Android TV box or any other device they use.

Singaporean users can look and search for a VPN service that matches their needs and can find the best Singapore VPN for Android TV box. There are different ways to stream high-quality content and an Android TV box does that smoothly.

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