An L.A.-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) piggybacking on Sprint’s and (just within the last year) AT&T’s cellular networks in the U.S. and Three’s network in the UK, FreedomPop is a provider of both 4G LTE and free IP mobile … Continue reading

Wondering what to do about pricey cell phone calls? Struggling with data caps and throttling? Mired in an area with patchy cellular service? Consider Wi-Fi calling, available for both Android and iOS Smartphones. It’s a free service over a Wi-Fi … Continue reading

Updated: October 20, 2014 If you are exploring different options for cutting back on your telephone costs, Internet calling may be something worth considering. Google Voice is one of the options you can use for making free Internet calls. Internet … Continue reading

Updated: September 8, 2014 The high speed broadband connection offered by mobile carriers can sometimes require a substantial amount of money. One of the alternatives is to access free mobile Internet from a variety of sources. In the last few … Continue reading

People who have been using the Internet for any length of time are aware of actions taken against websites that have engaged in piracy of videos and music.  Piracy occurs when websites illegally offer copyright protected media for download on … Continue reading

Updated: August 24, 2014 In today’s mobile economy, more consumers are seeking to stay connected while on the go. For this reason, there are more options for accessing free Wi-Fi than in the past. According to the International Data Corporation … Continue reading

Updated: July 9, 2014 High speed Internet access can be a great tool that serves many different purposes. However, there are many people who only use the Internet on occasion and prefer not to pay for access to the Internet. … Continue reading