Fixed Wireless

As a preamble to today’s topic of fixed wireless phones, may our gentle readers indulge us as we start by mentioning the concept of “Universal Service“—the policy of offering an affordable and basic level of utility (e.g., landline telephone) service … Continue reading

How big are the expectations of millimeter wave (MMW) 5G technology? In November 2016 Verizon’s CEO Lowell McAdam, appearing at the Intel Capital Global Summit in San Diego, proclaimed MMW 5G technology to be “wireless fiber.” As outlaw Ned Pepper … Continue reading

Fixed wireless services have long been a staple of communications in lesser-developed countries (LDCs), particularly those with little wireline infrastructure. Rather than plow scarce resources into increasingly obsolete wireline technologies, LDCs opted instead for wireless technologies with their cheaper construction … Continue reading

Fixed wireless is a technology which is used to provide broadband connectivity over a specified range without the need to install any wires.  This type of broadband Internet connectivity was established to provide faster access and improved reliability when using … Continue reading