How a Change of IP Address Can Enhance Browser Security

by Aeyne Schriber on August 17, 2012 in Internet Access

In a previous article on this website we discussed the importance of browser security and provided a tutorial as an example of how to beef up the security in your Internet browser to protect your privacy when you are using the Internet.  Although browser security is important you can enhance your security and privacy when you are using your browser to surf the Internet by changing your IP address.

Changing your IP address allows you to surf the web anonymously using your browser which prevents hackers from trying to track you via your IP address in an effort to steal your identity and access your accounts.  IP address changes and anonymous browsing is the answer to this dilemma.  The following video will provide you with a better grasp on how to change your IP address when you are surfing the Internet in order to conceal your location and PC identity.

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