Wireless Networking

The conventional fax machine is becoming part of technology from the past and is considered to be antiquated due to advancements in Internet use and high speed broadband connections.  The original fax machines occupied a lot of space, required high … Continue reading

When you establish a high speed broadband Internet connection in your home, to ensure a reliable connection it is essential to have the necessary knowledge of the right type of equipment to establish an appropriate connection that suits your Internet … Continue reading

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and provides a fast and reliable Internet connection that makes downloading and using the Internet a breeze.  If you are considering getting a DSL connection or you already have one and you are trying … Continue reading

If you live in an area where the availability of WiFi hotspots is limited, it is possible to create an instant WiFi hotspot with 3G broadband access in any location where DSL or WiFi access is not available by using … Continue reading

Updated: 22 December, 2014 Improving a Wi-Fi signal often requires a series of troubleshooting steps. Using a wireless range extender is one of the strategies you can use to strengthen a wireless Internet connection. Placing a wireless router in a … Continue reading

If you are seeking to eliminate the number of wires in your home office and want to provide yourself with more mobility and the freedom to access the Internet anywhere you like, then a wireless router is a necessity for … Continue reading

Broadband and DSL are often confused with one another since they both provide a high speed Internet connection that is faster than dial-up which is limited to 56Kbps.  However, there are differences between a cable connection and a DSL connection … Continue reading

If you have a high speed broadband Internet connection in your home it is possible for more than one computer to share a wireless Internet connection through the use of a wireless router.  Most Internet service providers that offer a … Continue reading

A cable modem is a device with two connections that assists with connecting your PC to your cable television line for the purpose of gaining broadband Internet access. It does not involve the use of a telephone line and works … Continue reading

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