From laptops to smartphones to digital cameras to video game consoles and beyond, the 802.11 family of media access controls (MAC) and physical layer specifications (PHY) determine how wireless local area networks (WLANs) function. Commonly called WiFi, the original specifications … Continue reading

About 18 months ago, the very first 802.11ac routers were introduced to the marketplace. And although the IEEE has yet to approve the new wireless standard, router manufacturers are already releasing the second generation of 802.11ac routers. The wireless networking … Continue reading

If you have been staying up to date with wireless standards and technology then you are aware that 802.11n is being used more commonly along with the older standard of 802.11g.  For those who are not sure about wireless connectivity … Continue reading

The increased use of wireless devices and the growing demand for video and other bandwidth intensive applications has gradually been affecting the performance of 802.11 g and n networks.  The end result is increased problems when streaming video such as … Continue reading

Qualcomm recently announced the release of its new 802.11ac products which will provide easy migration from 802.11n standards to a new WiFi standard which will speed up the transition to WiFi networking that is Gigabit capable.  By expanding the performance … Continue reading