Comcast has been rolling out a new Wi-Fi service for its Internet subscribers that appears to be a good idea but, at the same time, is causing controversy among Comcast customers. Comcast recently introduced a new feature for subscribers to … Continue reading

Hotspot 2.0 is a technology that promises to advance the development of our rapidly growing mobile ecosystem with the ability to seamlessly move from one wireless hotspot to another. It is estimated that more than 800 million new mobile devices … Continue reading

During the past few years, the major cable providers have been gradually creating a nationwide network of Wi-Fi access for its Internet customers. Although the intention is to add convenience in terms of connectivity, the project comes with some bumps … Continue reading

About 18 months ago, the very first 802.11ac routers were introduced to the marketplace. And although the IEEE has yet to approve the new wireless standard, router manufacturers are already releasing the second generation of 802.11ac routers. The wireless networking … Continue reading

Just as we have become accustomed to staying connected on the ground, now there is a way to get a jump start on tasks while you are in the air using Gogo Inflight Internet. Gogo inflight Internet is formerly known … Continue reading

Many people who travel a great deal are always looking for ways to cut costs on excessive roaming costs by wireless carriers. Boingo wireless has an ambitious project under way to connect travelers worldwide at a fraction of the cost. … Continue reading

At one time or another, most cell phone users have found themselves in a situation where the signal is spotty or nonexistent altogether. T-Mobile has made it possible to receive mobile services even when there isn’t a signal. If you … Continue reading

Many people get confused by Bluetooth and WiFi technology, how each technology is used, and the difference between the two.  If you are confused by Bluetooth and WiFi technology you are not alone and it is very common for there … Continue reading

If you have been staying up to date with wireless standards and technology then you are aware that 802.11n is being used more commonly along with the older standard of 802.11g.  For those who are not sure about wireless connectivity … Continue reading

Wireless Internet connections offer a lot of convenience, especially in your home environment where you have multiple devices which require Internet connectivity.  When you have a wireless network installed in your home the tendency is to think that the people … Continue reading

The increased use of wireless devices and the growing demand for video and other bandwidth intensive applications has gradually been affecting the performance of 802.11 g and n networks.  The end result is increased problems when streaming video such as … Continue reading

Updated: October 20, 2014 Only a few years ago, Amazon introduced the first Kindle Fire which was a popular tablet with Wi-Fi included. Amazon has come closer to competing with the iPad with the release of the Kindle Fire HDX … Continue reading

Thanks to the increased availability of WiFi in airport terminals waiting out a flight delay does not appear to be as tedious and time consuming.  By accessing airport WiFi you can make better use of your time while avoiding the … Continue reading

Have you ever noticed that it seems more people are walking around with smartphones as opposed to carrying around their laptop PC?  It almost seems as if the smartphone has become the preferred device of choice due to its portability … Continue reading

If you are old enough to remember the days of the Citizen’s Band (CB) radio then you also know that networking is not a new concept for most truck drivers.  Long before access to the Internet became more widespread, truck … Continue reading

When most people think of WiFi they immediately associate it with accessing the Internet and browsing their favorite websites.  With the increased availability of high speed broadband Internet connectivity WiFi has taken on many more roles in helping individuals and … Continue reading

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently unveiled a new model which is called Super WiFi that supposedly will allow you to access the Internet using a PC or mobile device with wireless capability.  The whole premise behind the concept of … Continue reading

Qualcomm recently announced the release of its new 802.11ac products which will provide easy migration from 802.11n standards to a new WiFi standard which will speed up the transition to WiFi networking that is Gigabit capable.  By expanding the performance … Continue reading

BPL stands for Broadband over Power Lines and represents a new way to achieve a high speed broadband connection using electric power lines instead of the conventional cable connection.  Regardless if you need high speed Internet connectivity for your home … Continue reading

If you have an existing network which is wired, adding a wireless Internet access point to the network can potentially cause conflicts when it comes to using IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. When IP address conflicts occur, it causes problems with … Continue reading

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