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The Smart Home and the age of The Internet of Things is rapidly changing technology by increasing the demand for devices that are more capable. Verizon recently introduced a device capable of meeting new requirements for Smart Home technology. In … Continue reading

Ruckus recently announced the release of a device that caters to the needs of the SMB market both in the indoor and outdoor environments. Ruckus, a primary producer of high bandwidth services and devices, recently introduced a new series that … Continue reading

Using a high capacity USB storage device while you are away from your PC is one option for accessing files on the go. But what if you could securely access your PC or another computer while you are on the … Continue reading

It was not too long ago that wireless hotspots were not as common as they are today. Since then, companies such as FON have been striving to increase the availability of public Wi-Fi networks. FON Wireless is also known as … Continue reading

More and more subscribers to cable television services are choosing to cut the cord in favor of other more cost effective options. Comcast recently unveiled a solution that encourages its customers to retain their cable service subscription. In an effort … Continue reading

Many individuals and businesses alike are using Skype VoIP services as an inexpensive option for telephony communications. But is the service worth what it claims and how does it work? Skype is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that is … Continue reading

The explosion of smartphone use has provided us with many conveniences. However, with the positives of new technology also come a few drawbacks that users of mobile technology should be aware of. If you are an avid mobile user, it … Continue reading

With new technologies, auto makers and consumers alike are realizing that a car can be an exceptional mobile device. This is because a car provides a generous amount of room for implementing the latest technologies. Because of the increased use … Continue reading

For many travelers, access to a high speed Internet connection is high on the priority list and often the deciding factor when it comes to choosing hotel accommodations. However, most hotels fail to deliver Internet speeds as advertised. What is … Continue reading

Gigabit broadband represents the next generation of high speed Internet. It is a collaborative goal set forth by telecommunications carriers and government agencies to deploy gigabit networks in an effort to create a more connected environment. So, what is gigabit … Continue reading

Many people are constantly connected to the digital world and engage in subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu Plus, Spotify, and other services. Now there is a way for you to choose among a variety of eBook subscription services. If you … Continue reading

Advertisements and promotions for registry cleaners are constantly on the Internet trying to convince inexperienced PC users that the registry requires maintenance. Are registry cleaners necessary and what are some of the benefits? A PC registry is a large database … Continue reading

Acquiring high speed broadband Internet in remote areas can represent a challenge, even with the number of options that are currently available. Many residents that enjoy living in the wilderness are often underserved which is where ViaSat Exede Internet may … Continue reading

Charging your device can be a hassle if you use a charger that requires cables. With new and emerging technologies, you no longer have to fuss with carrying cables around with you. Everyone at one point or another has had … Continue reading

The purchase of Meraki by Cisco a few years ago provided Cisco with the tools it needs to efficiently serve small to medium-sized businesses. The technology provided by Cisco Meraki allows midmarket companies to expand without having to invest in … Continue reading

NFC is rapidly becoming more widely used with the increased use of technology in our daily lives. NFC provides many benefits for both individuals and businesses when it comes to data transmission. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is … Continue reading

Ruckus Wireless is one of the pioneers of the wireless infrastructure industry and delivers innovative solutions for wireless networking in an affordable manner. Lately, the company has redefining its role in the industry of wireless networking with new technologies that … Continue reading

The digital video recorders that are produced by TiVo have become as commonplace as satellite television companies that provide DVR services. Yet, there must be something to the new TiVo devices if the company is still producing them after more … Continue reading

Netflix video streaming service has become a popular and cost effective way for many people to cut the cord on costly cable television subscriptions. However, many are still unsure of how to access the service using different types of devices … Continue reading

High frequency trading is about to get a boost with the inception of a high speed laser network that will place investors a few seconds closer to generating more profits. Anova Technologies, a leading provider of specialized custom fiber and … Continue reading

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