August 2012

If you are familiar with a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) connection then you know that DSL is capable of delivering a high speed broadband Internet connection in addition to serving as a landline telephone service.  Most DSL providers tend to … Continue reading

Updated:  December 22, 2014 VSAT is a technology that represents another option for Internet connectivity in extremely remote areas and distant field locations. But, what exactly is it and how does it work? If you live in a remote area, … Continue reading

If you have been staying up to date with wireless standards and technology then you are aware that 802.11n is being used more commonly along with the older standard of 802.11g.  For those who are not sure about wireless connectivity … Continue reading

Cox Communications is another option for high speed Internet access, digital television, and voice services.  The company started out in 1998 as Cox Cable and then branched out to Cox Communications which is now the third largest provider of cable … Continue reading

In a previous article on this website we discussed the importance of browser security and provided a tutorial as an example of how to beef up the security in your Internet browser to protect your privacy when you are using … Continue reading

Many people rely on the Internet these days for accomplishing everyday tasks.  This makes an Internet browser an essential tool for daily life. So it only stands to reason that you would want to secure your browser against online threats … Continue reading

If you are familiar with video streaming on the Internet, Vudu is another streaming service which offers videos and programming on demand from its website online.  Similar to Netflix and Hulu Plus, Vudu offers a wide variety of movies from … Continue reading

Wireless Internet connections offer a lot of convenience, especially in your home environment where you have multiple devices which require Internet connectivity.  When you have a wireless network installed in your home the tendency is to think that the people … Continue reading

With the increased use of wireless technology in many households the next wave of home technology appears to be smart home appliances which promise better energy consumption, wireless access controls, and unified connectivity using your home wireless network. Last month, … Continue reading