April 2012

Cellular network infrastructure presents a lot of challenges for network operators in terms of improving efficiency, increasing capacity to meet mobile device demands, and enhancing the speed of connectivity to accommodate bandwidth intensive applications, to name a few challenges.  Cellular … Continue reading

When most people think of WiFi they immediately associate it with accessing the Internet and browsing their favorite websites.  With the increased availability of high speed broadband Internet connectivity WiFi has taken on many more roles in helping individuals and … Continue reading

To meet the growing demand for mobile broadband access which is due to the increased use of mobile devices, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently initiated a proposal to make satellite communications available for mobile broadband access.  The proposal will … Continue reading

If you are going to be on the road for an indefinite period of time and want to access the Internet without being required to commit to a long term contract, a monthly Internet card may be the way to … Continue reading

Updated: October 20, 2014 CenturyLink provides services to more than three million customers throughout the United States with other services offered outside the US. The company has continued to expand with new infrastructure that provides faster performance and connectivity speeds. … Continue reading

Updated: September 8, 2014 Since the first release of the Smart TV, Samsung has developed an extremely sophisticated multimedia and online platform that represents the next generation of home entertainment. A few years ago, electronics giant Samsung first introduced a … Continue reading

The increased use of mobile devices is rapidly changing the face of how consumers prefer to interact in the global marketplace.  Everywhere you look mobile devices and smartphones are all around you so, it only stands to reasons that mobile … Continue reading

Many companies across the globe use Virtual Private Networks to enhance security for workers who communicate with the company from a remote location. A Virtual Private Network is commonly referred to as a VPN and provides enhanced security when communicating … Continue reading

4G is the newest generation of high speed wireless broadband technology which offers a higher rate of data transfer than 3G technology.  The higher rate of data transfer accommodates more applications that demand a high speed Internet connection in order … Continue reading

Web accelerators are software which is designed to speed up your browsing experience.  They were originally designed for slower dialup connections but many broadband users now use a web accelerator such as Google Web Accelerator to speed up websites and … Continue reading

If you are old enough to remember the times when you had to arrange your schedule around your favorite television programs and movies then you will appreciate this article on why video on demand is growing in popularity.  You may … Continue reading

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently unveiled a new model which is called Super WiFi that supposedly will allow you to access the Internet using a PC or mobile device with wireless capability.  The whole premise behind the concept of … Continue reading

Qualcomm recently announced the release of its new 802.11ac products which will provide easy migration from 802.11n standards to a new WiFi standard which will speed up the transition to WiFi networking that is Gigabit capable.  By expanding the performance … Continue reading

BPL stands for Broadband over Power Lines and represents a new way to achieve a high speed broadband connection using electric power lines instead of the conventional cable connection.  Regardless if you need high speed Internet connectivity for your home … Continue reading

If you have used wireless Internet for any length of time you should be familiar with the term WiFi.  WiFi relates to wireless connectivity to the Internet and also refers to a hotspot or access point where you establish Internet … Continue reading

Most people associate antivirus software and security suites with laptop PC and desktop use.  However, these perceptions are rapidly changing with the increased use of mobile devices.  Since mobile devices are becoming more popular this also makes them a prime … Continue reading