September 2011

Shopping for a mobile broadband provider can sometimes be like trying to choose the best item from a mall that is packed with the same stores.  After a while they all seem to offer the same thing and you do … Continue reading

USB wireless Internet provides you with the capability to access WiFi from just about anywhere with the help of a USB network adapter.  Although using a USB network adapter is not difficult to use it is important to understand how … Continue reading

Some of you may remember the age of Citizen’s Band radios or CB radio several decades ago.  Each user had a handle which was the equivalent of a username on the Internet.  Or you may remember experimenting with a ham … Continue reading

ADSL is a type of Internet connection that is typically used in the home environment and other locations.  ADSL is typically known as an Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line since the download capability is greater than the upload capacity.  ADSL is … Continue reading

If you are a small business with less than one dozen employees or even a home business there is a wide variety of options available for achieving a high speed connection.  On the other hand, if you are a large … Continue reading