June 2011

DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line and provides a fast and reliable Internet connection that makes downloading and using the Internet a breeze.  If you are considering getting a DSL connection or you already have one and you are trying … Continue reading

If you live in an area where the availability of WiFi hotspots is limited, it is possible to create an instant WiFi hotspot with 3G broadband access in any location where DSL or WiFi access is not available by using … Continue reading

High speed broadband Internet access is becoming more widely available in homes which make it appear like it is a new technology.  The reality is that many businesses have been using a high speed broadband connection for a number of … Continue reading

If you are not familiar with gigabit Ethernet it is a new technology that provides a faster connection to the Internet.  Although gigabit Ethernet was originally developed in the 1970s by Xerox Corporation it has since come a long way … Continue reading

If you have read a lot about the latest technologies you will find that 4G Internet coverage has taken the front stage as the next generation form of high speed wireless connectivity.  Although 4G is fairly new to the world … Continue reading

In the current economy many people are looking to save money by cutting back on things that are not really necessary.  At one time, Internet access was considered to be a luxury however with the recent technological advances that provide … Continue reading

If you are unfamiliar with two-way satellite Internet it may be worthwhile to learn about this type of Internet connection if you are having trouble obtaining access to high speed broadband service through other methods.  Obtaining high speed broadband Internet … Continue reading

If you travel a lot and find yourself wasting time looking around for a hotspot, you should consider using an aircard which will provide you with Internet connectivity in any location that is within the vicinity of a cellular phone … Continue reading