April 2011

Wireless networks are increasing in popularity with more access points being added in public places as well as businesses and residences.  The standards for WiFi have gradually evolved to a point where long range WiFi with faster data transfer rates … Continue reading

Wireless Internet cards provide your PC or other type of mobile device with wireless connectivity to the Internet.  Some devices come already equipped with a wireless Internet card where others require you to insert one in order to establish Internet … Continue reading

With the increased use of handheld devices you no longer have to haul your laptop PC with you to establish connectivity to the Internet while you are on the go. Mobile devices that are Internet-ready and fit in your pocket … Continue reading

As mentioned in another article on this website CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check and is a system that automatically checks for errors in T1 framing and provides notification of problems in the T1 network which are caused by the … Continue reading

If you have never heard of broadband over power lines it is probably because it represents the next generation of high speed broadband Internet connectivity. Broadband over power lines is also known as BPL and is currently available in only … Continue reading

Owning an RV is becoming a way of life for people who want to travel and spend their life on the road.  Many people also work as travel writers and thanks to increased availability of Internet access they can take … Continue reading

PS3 wireless Internet is an Internet connection that you establish from the console of your PlayStation 3.  The connection allows you to enjoy more than just games since many of the movie production companies and music providers are making many … Continue reading

Updated: December 22, 2014 Jitter problems can have a negative impact on the Quality of Service (QoS) you receive from your DSL Internet Service Provider and your wireless Internet connection. What is jitter and why does it matter? At one … Continue reading

Broadband and DSL are often confused with one another since they both provide a high speed Internet connection that is faster than dial-up which is limited to 56Kbps.  However, there are differences between a cable connection and a DSL connection … Continue reading