March 2011

If you are looking to expand the bandwidth on your Internet connection to accommodate applications that require a larger amount of bandwidth to operate properly, you may have noticed that there are many different options available including DS3, T1, T3, … Continue reading

Updated: August 24, 2014 Many RVers are faced with intermittent Internet connectivity while traveling on the road. However, new technologies and the wider availability of broadband have created more options for connecting to the Internet while on the go. In … Continue reading

Wireless Internet creates a lot of conveniences for people who are on the go or do not want to hassle with multiples wires to establish connectivity.  Like everything that makes your life easier there is a dark side and in … Continue reading

If you are trying to decide on the best way to connect to the Internet the number of options available can make your choice a very confusing one.  One of the more popular methods for establishing Internet connectivity is fiber … Continue reading

Although there are free sites online for conducting an Internet speed test the FCC recently released a free test that will help you to determine the speed of your Internet connection.  The test does more than just determine the speed … Continue reading

DS3 stands for Digital Signal 3 and is typically used by digital carriers to send out DS3 signals which are formatted and run at 43Mbps.  DS3 usually consists of hundreds of channels with each one capable of handling 64Kbps. So, … Continue reading

If you are looking to purchase access to a wireless connection the difference between a wireless contract and a pay-as-you-go plan can be quite significant depending upon how much you use your connection.  To make your decision more complex there … Continue reading

Although it seems only like yesterday that mobile Internet appeared to be light years away, in the last few years mobile Internet technology has caught on very rapidly and progressed farther than we ever imagined.  This has resulted in an … Continue reading

Internet TV is an alternative way to watch television over your PC, HDTV, or mobile device such as a cell phone or netbook.  Much like a television broadcast, TV on the Internet is delivered via an Internet connection.  Instead of … Continue reading

There are many factors that can cause a wireless signal to become weak.  The problem is that when you search for fixes they are usually vague due to different types of wireless equipment and antennas that produce the signal.  Although … Continue reading