December 2009

Due to the increase in multimedia and communications applications many people are opting to obtain a high speed broadband Internet connection.  One of the ways to achieve this type of connection is through cable, and although it is a very … Continue reading

Choosing the ISP (Internet Service Provider) plan that is right for you can be confusing if you are unsure about what each plan offers and the types of Internet connections that are available in your local area.  Here is some … Continue reading

A T1 connection is used for transmitting data or voice over a high speed line that is faster than a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line).  Many companies and organizations opt to use a T1 connection due to its reliability, speed, and … Continue reading

Fiber optic cable technology provides a faster way to transmit data over a single fiber optic line through the use of light pulses instead of electricity currents. As a result the concept has enabled business and organizations to send data … Continue reading

If you are confused about the difference between DS3 and T3 bandwidth the terms are basically identical to one another.  DS3 which stands for Digital Signal 3 is simply another term that is used for a T3 type connection.  DS3 … Continue reading

There are different types of Internet connections available that also offer different connection speeds.  Sometimes it can be confusing to determine which connection is better than another.  If you do not live in a rural area, your options for Internet … Continue reading